Emergency Room!


Duke the Wonder Dog in the Ambulance with me.

Thank you Tiffany for taking this for me while we rolled down the road.  My neck brace is on for safety as I get jostled around.

So it is something that I wasn’t going to talk about. But I think something needs to be said, and I am in the position to be able to share what others are not because they have jobs and positions to protect.

I went into the ER last night after my friend Lisa​ and her family arrived at my home Jake fed Duke and let him out before the ambulance arrived. Lisa went above and beyond as a friend to help me decide what I should do. I’d been laying down feeling my normal not so whoopy. When out of the blue my body experienced this horrible stabbing pain inside my back… Cindy​ took my call at dispatch, David​ and crew showed up with the squad, Chantelle​ came over and provided followup by making sure my father would have information and access to the house if he were going to be here with out me. Everyone in the house that had been filled with piles of my closet contents.. Soup on the stove and dried Kale that probably looked like Marijuana in a bowl.

It takes a village.. at the hospital I was greeted by Nurse Karen (the same nurse I had a few weeks ago while in the ER), Nurse Lisa’s husband used to be on the job with Jasøn​ her IV didn’t even leave a bruise on my hand. Stephen had already taken blood out of my good vein he did so perfectly, the least amount of pain I have ever experienced with a needle.

Erin the doctor, she didn’t argue with the pain med, she was great, I don’t tolerate Morphine with out much discomfort it use to only need one chaser of Benadryl now I need two chasers. So Fentanyl it was. This is something that agrees with my body so much better, by the time I actually got the med in my room I was doing better so I declined it. Later I had a change of mind so just before I got checked out I had it added.

I used to use Fentynl LollyPops, (downside to these is they rot your teeth but they don’t mess with my tummy) but my insurance does not cover the cost of them. I can’t take pills of it, it turned out that I had a kidney stone leave my kidney last night. It left a big tear and is still stuck inside me. A lot of pain this rice sized particle caused so far.

The medication that the doctor prescribed was Oxycodone, I can’t take that. Taking that means instant Ulcers starting.. I can’t use so many medications because they horrible on either have gluten in them which this also has the potential to contain or they are horrible on stomach lining..

Duke on the floor in my Emergency Room sorry it is upside down. Duke followed me off leash to all of the different testing rooms following my command. He behaved perfectly!

I’ve gone all of today with a migraine.. a normal one, no meds, a kidney stone issue, female issue, and another issue due to a procedure I had done before Jason left and another issue that is caused by my use of pain medication . All of them are causing pain or are highly uncomfortable.

I am not telling you this as a plea for sympathy. I am sharing so you understand. I do have a pain medication that is able to handle this it is an alternative medication Schedule II, but sometimes it just is not enough. I need something else for my body.

That is why I am asking you to understand. There are people like me out here who need other alternatives. Medical Marijuana does not have the same bad side effect that I get from other Narcotic Medications, it isn’t filled with gluten like so many other options are. It won’t destroy my stomach and intestine lining.

Having a Kidney Stone, I don’t think I need to add Bleeding Ulcer to the list of things causing me pain. (when I am in pain I don’t drink lots of water.. which probably contributed to my kidney stone.. ) I don’t know how much one person is supposed to go through in order to help people understand..

Duke The Wonder Dog​ alerted on me shortly after his run. So I have now taken THREE Narcotic Medications, a muscle relaxer, a nausea medication, and a shot of a migraine medication. So far he is happy.. and while he was alerting on me I was feeling the best I had felt all day. =(

Which gives you some perspective possibly.

I will also add that I get all of my dental work done with out sedation, shots or pain medication. Yes I’ve had a root canal done this way not to mention countless teeth filled.

By no means is what I am going through any different than what other broken and unwell people go through. My struggle is not worse, not better, it is just mine. Other people are going through these things too..

They can’t speak out. They have jobs and lives to protect. Heaven forbid a mother should come forward and say she uses Medical Marijuana for her X Y or Z.. she could loose her kids, her marriage, her job, her home and her freedom. But it has kept her from committing suicide, it is helping her be a better mother, wife and worker. Her doctor knows and is supportive but no one can say a thing.

Educate yourself. Really look. Really open your mind to the possibility of what if! My doctor has written a script for me to travel to Colorado for Medical Marijuana. I know other patients who use.

Untie the hands of medical providers. Make Medical Marijuana accessible with in 30 minutes of everyone who needs it or better yet let it be available down the street from a personal care provider. Can you imagine being in the most horrible pain you can imagine, it is a chronic condition and you would have to travel 2-4 hours one direction to get a medication that could stop it? Imagine your child has epilepsy and you’ve run out of measures to stop the worst seizures, because you’ve had to use your emergency supply in two days.. and now you need more?

Duke was the perfect service dog, he rode in the ambulance stayed by my bed, he followed me unleashed through the halls of the hospital as I went to every test. He is my four legged hero.

Dad​, Keenan​, and Nikki​ sat by my side at the ER.. Jason Skyped from Brazil…

Usually Jason handles things like this all on his own with me.

Today Dad left for another sisters house, Angie​ came to the house for my physical therapy session, Riley​ swung through on her way to school, Jane​ checked in with me, Chantelle picked up my regular scripts, Keith​ mowed the lawn, and Zeke​ took Duke for a run.

And for some good news.. My new computer and monitors have been approved through The Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Actually this whole post is good news. I am so very lucky. I am luckier than most of you because I can speak out. I can share that I need help and I can get proper diagnosis and fabulous medical care that does not treat me like some lunatic or over reactive patient.

I have a really great village! <3 I am grateful for each one of you!
Today I found out that Senator Garretts LB 643 has also advanced to the Full Nebraska Legislature with a Judiciary Committee Vote of 7-1.  Now for all of our Nebraska State Senators discussion and a vote to make it all legal.  In addition a ballot initiative has been ramping up for 2016. Thanks to Omaha NORML.  I don’t believe the current LB 643  legislation will give me access as a patient.. =( That is the downside so far..

I do hope you will contact all of your political leaders in our country to get Medical Marijuana moved to a Schedule 3-4 drug.  So that patients can hire caregivers, keep big pharma out of the equation, provide care at a reasonable price..  I have been learning so much.  It is a struggle to change my opinion of this plant in my mind I admit.
I know it has to be even harder for someone not suffering with no answers.  Please just think about it. Please just start Googling Medical Marijuana.  Google Rick Simpsons Oil…  read about this.  What if it were you or someone you loved?

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Life is full of Possibilities!
Tonja and Duke

May your day be blessed and your journey rewarding!


Some days… Medical Marijuana, lets legalize it!

Some days are hard to start, others hard to end.

This is my other related post.

I don’t know where I am at these days, somethings I look forward to greatly others, I find so frustrating making everything so much more difficult.  When you start out it is just a small hill, before you know it you are tackling a mountain.

I don’t and never really did start out to tackle mountains, although I do seem to end up at their feet.  They chew me up spit me out, and when that happens I just pray that the Piton will hold for the next climber.

Life is about getting knocked down.

It is also about getting up.

Some mountains get pulled out from under you, even though you know you’d have made it all the way to the top twice over.

It is knowing that that keeps a girl going.

One of the mountains I am climbing right now if you haven’t been following my blog, is gaining access for Medical Doctors to prescribe legally medical marijuana aka cannabis.

I don’t seem to tackle only one thing at a time but this is the one thing that I am speaking about.

You see I met this beautiful little girl.  She has eyes as big as saucers, she can light up a room with one look. When those eyes shut off.. your heart steps off a cliff…

Walking away from Haley’s eyes is something you don’t do.

There hasn’t been much home for Haley, she’s gone through a lot with her sister and her parents.

She is currently having some welcome success with a GW Pharmaceutical trial, although her success is not as great as others.  This trial utilizes a High CBD nearly no THC oil in it’s medicine.

She isn’t alone.  The possibilities do not end there.. The next best hope is a CBD higher THC oil.  Many people respond better to this.  Right now in our wonderful United States of America this is access is not yet available for her although it has been legalized.  Bureaucratic night mares prevent this from becoming a reality at the moment.

Her gorgeous mother Jill sat across the table from me for two weeks.  When she first mentioned this I thought I must be hearing her wrong.  I must not be understanding what she is talking about, how could she be asking to give this to her child.  I’d grown up as a child of the 80’s in the most successful era of drug use prevention.  They say that, although I am one of the few people I know who never tried any of them.

People with holier that though attitudes still tout the bravado of the 80’s.. now people are so far of track using every type of “drain cleaner” for the latest high that there is a real fear of allowing people to use something we were all taught was so dangerous.

Put into perspective that people are being prescribed medications made of Agent Orange now, Methamphetamine, and other horrible compounds regularly.  Once you realize that these are available legal prescriptions that companies in this country are making money off of doctors prescribing.  Once you understand that kids to adults are being prescribed combinations of medications by the handfuls with no known interaction statistics..

There are already risks being taken to try and save their lives, brain surgery, stint insertion, removal of parts of the brain, and other smaller procedures.  None of it is working for so many!

Then there are people like me..  things are sort of working.. I suppose..  but many of us wouldn’t be sad if we didn’t wake up.

It isn’t that we don’t have good things going on, we’ve just accepted the facts, that our lives make everyone’s life harder, our families struggle around us, we can only do so much on our own, a pitiful portion of what we were able to do.  Our lives laid out ahead of us with the writing on the wall.  Even communication is a struggle.  You want life to be like it was or more like it was.  But it still crumbles around you.  Your own body seems to start the fall.

So people like us.  Broken People in the United States of America and the world are waking up.  Do we know that this will help me?  NO!  But what we do know it is helping many other people, and has been helping many other people silently in the illegal shadows.

When it becomes legal more forms of marijuana can be utilized such as oil. That is what Haley’s parents want her to have legal access to.  What good is it to have illegal access when you live in fear of prosecution, your child being taken from you, or you being jailed for providing a non legal opportunity for her to heal.

When your husband starts talking about giving up all he’s worked for in his career and his only hope of being able to retire at some point?  Or does he just send you off to some other state for you to live so you can be well.  Or should he just suggest that you stay and watch you die a little more each day, and a piece of him along with it?

What do you do? When where you live isn’t good for you?

You try to change things.  You park your feet at the base of another mountain.  They don’t get smaller they get bigger.  But it doesn’t mean you stop trying!

Haley doesn’t live in Nebraska.  But she does live in the United States of America.  Thankfully some brave United States Senators have started this process.  Here is a link to the Bill that could very well be one of the most important pieces of legislation in recent U.S. history.    Learn more about what this law would mean.

In our own Nebraska.. brave Nebraska State Senators are coming forward to save lives with the Compassion and Care Act.  We don’t need to wait, we many avenues for achieving legal access, each one needed necessary and important for so many people’s well being.

When you go to sleep wondering if you will wake up in the middle of the night not being able to move, or in so much pain you can’t move. You wake up in the morning and you can’t see, you struggle to get ready, to do something at least this day.

Staying down is not an option.

You are back at it climbing that mountain.  Each day a new obstacle, each breath a new prayer.  Each mother dropping tears as they hold their clenching child in their arms struggling to bear the weight of it all.  The fathers and husbands who do their best to pretend it is all going ok, so they can provide for another day.

Haley and I are not the only one’s that I know that would greatly benefit from access to medical marijuana.  Deliah, Amber, Amber, Kelley, Carol, Julie, Paula, Sara, Brian, McKenna, Brittney, Rebecca, Jamie, and so many more that come to mind but I haven’t listed.  These are people that I personally know.  These are people that need better options.

Creating change for myself is fabulous, but without the company of others and bettering this world for others, I don’t think I’d be up to the task of climbing this mountain.  Knowing that there is something to hope for makes each day worth while.

This is a selfie of Jamie and I.  Jamie is blind, he is also an advocate for medical marijuana.  We were both pretty tired midway through the 10 hours.

My testifying buddy. We’ve sat by each other twice now to testify in Nebraska for Medical Marijuana.


March 6, 2015  Nebraska Judiciary Committee 2015
Thank you to each of you for listening.

My name is Tonja Peterson-Wendt I am attempting to work as a small business owner, suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury, Intractable Hemiplegic Migraines, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and MTHFR.  I have access to current prescription medications that my doctor thinks may offer benefits, however, none of these have solved the issues I have and at their very best they do a poor job of controlling the pain, migraines, and other physical disabilities.  One of my doctors, my pain management doctor is highly in favor of me going to Colorado to use Medical Marijuana, the other is a physicians assistant at a family practice clinic, when asked just turned and walked out the door after saying she did not choose to take those classes even though they were offered at her continuing education classes and said I should go see a different doctor. The stereo types are still prevalent preventing education in the medical community.

I desire access to Medical Marijuana INSIDE the State of Nebraska where I live and my husband lives with me and works as a professional firefighter. The issues that I deal with do fall well within the realm of issues that Medical Cannabis does help.  Hemiplegic Migraines are like Epilepsy, Strokes and the worst Migraines you can imagine combined.  They offer a person the chance of paralyzation, coma, and stroke, not to mention difficulty seeing, walking, talking, and hanging on to things.. they can cause permanent damage just like Epilepsy and Strokes where regular migraines do not.  Most of these things are temporary lasting a few minutes to hours to days..  Many of mine last days.. 5 days this week, 9 days a few weeks ago, with more spread out in between.

The nasty side effects of the current prescribed medications that I deal with have led me to look for alternatives. Prescription medication can land me in the hospital, and I struggle with the side effects of prescriptions daily as I manage my care.

I would like the access to this life helping plant to be reasonably priced, safe and consistent which I believe means being able to grow and make my own medications based on the strains and blends that help me. I have heard of an underground medication system that many have used silently for years fearing prosecution, while desiring to live a life that allows them to work and live in a reasonable way mitigating their pain, illnesses, and dysfunctions. 

 Why should I and my husband who is a civil servant helping other people in their greatest times of need have to risk jail time, legal fee’s and the humiliation of trying to save myself from unbearable pain agony and soul sucking, life crushing stigma’s associated with a plant that God put on this earth that people like me can benefit from.

Would you be willing to risk the loss of your freedom or your spouses for potential relief from pain, as a trade off to living a better quality of life, or as a trade off to actually being able to work a regular amount of hours, or smile and have a coherent conversation? Not to mention abating seizures, strokes, and possible paralization and death.

Make no mistake that I am not alone in my request for you to consider this option. The countless persons both children and adults with Epilepsy, the Muscular Dis-trophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Ehlers Danlos, Cancers, Dementia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… My mother died in our home on hospice of Pancreatic Cancer what would this have meant to her quality of life and care I often ask myself.  I am not a stranger to suffering.

In some cases CBD alone has proven to help, in many other cases THC is a needed component of relief.

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Life is full of Possibilities!
Tonja and Duke

May your day be blessed and your journey rewarding!

Dog Expo Helps Group Provide Service Dogs! Camila Orti Channel 8

This is your link to my Day One Post.. Duke and I made some fun Video!

Domesti-Pups had it all going on today, Day TWO!  Duke and I met a new friend today.  Her name is Camila Orti, she is a news reporter for Lincoln Nebraska’s Channel 8 News!  Oh and she’s awesome!  Duke had kisses for her! Be sure to watch the video links below!!

Here she is on Twitter..

Here she is on Facebook..

See the stories she’s done on YouTube..

Here she is while she interviews Duke and I… He was VERY excited to show off his Mad Skills!
I forgot to mention that most Service Dogs are in school with Domesti-Pups, Duke was in school 6 months..  Oh yeah, he is a super star and a wild child!!


Sharing our Domesti-Pups Story

Thanks Jason for taking our picture!!

A fun video clip from the end of our interview with Camila!

Saying Hello and Good-by with Camila Orti of Channel 8 News in Lincoln Nebraska

Here is our 5:30 Interview.. I think there is going to be another version later this evening!

Dog Expo helps group provide service dogs to those in need – News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE; KLKNTV.com.

Go check the links out!!

All I can say is I am glad I had my almond milk four shot espresso latte this morning I think I should have had 6 now that I sit here trying to stay awake until 10 pm.

Duke is sleeping too.  We got a good run in for him with the scooter today, lots of video creating was done by he and I after this interview!

We Fuzzy Heart LOVE Domesti-Pups!

I hope it shows!

Have a great day!

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Life is full of Possibilities!

Tonja and Duke

I LOVE my Dog Expo!




Do you LOVE your dog?  I sure do!! Duke is the greatest dog ever!!  <3

Well I have been where everyone feels the same way. It has become an annual tradition for us. Having a Domesti-Pups Service Dog you want to do all that you can to support the volunteers who make this possible.  Help them to continue to be able to raise and train great dogs for those who can greatly benefit from having a four legged life partner.

It is a great event full of every sort of dog you can imagine. Small ones big ones, noisy ones, spotted, smart and not so smart.. They are all loved or waiting to be. Lots of dog rescue groups are there, with a four legged friend you can adopt.  They have a Rescue Rodeo, so folks can see the different dogs available for adoption.

You’ll get to play with puppies in training, meet some of the dogs that will make the Class of 2015 and meet their partners later this year.  Organizations that support Domesti-Pups are in attendance, including UNL Pre-Veterinary Students. Their instructor is one of last years recipients of a Service Dog.  Dr. Brittney writes a great blog too!  Follow her adventures! She has a zoo!!

Domesti-Pups accepts volunteers and donations of all sorts!

I volunteer my photography and budding videography skills.. Jason and Duke do too, by default..  Speaking of Duke he is telling me I need to get off the computer.

So here is the link to the video I made of our day!  Jason shared another different on Duke’s Facebook Page.

Have a great day and remember to support places who make life nicer for others!  Duke is my link to independence!

Duke and Tonja

Enjoy viewing from our DUKE Cam!!  <3

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Why do I want to have access to Medical Cannabis or Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana, YES, I said it.

Yes I too have stereo types about all of the negative connotations connected to the words Pot, Marijuana, and all of the other terms.. Cannabis is the term people seem to be more comfortable with..

I’ve been doing a lot of learning this year.  A lot of research and reading of articles linked to studies, and testimonials.

How I learned about Medical Cannabis.

It was just over a year ago, the same time I was in training with Duke my current Service Dog and Fur LOVE of my life.

Haley’s mom, Jill started talking about it. I don’t remember what she said except that it shocked me that she wanted to give Medical Cannabis AKA “Pot” to her daughter.

I had never heard about Medical Marijuana before.

In fact I only knew what I had heard about it, that it was one of the worst substances on earth. Addictive, harmful, and illegal.

All of the stereotypes started to go through my mind as this soccer mom spoke. It made me start to question what I had been taught.

She wasn’t stoned, she was super smart, she wasn’t dirty, she was impeccably clean and put together. She was well spoken, she kept talking about this Cannabis which was saving people from epilepsy, stopping their seizures, saving their lives. She talked about oil.

She talked about all of the medications that Haley had failed. How Haley’s seizures were so frequent and so dangerous. She cared desperately about her daughter, her husband Art agreed and was completely supportive of getting this for his daughter also.

I became friends with her on Facebook and every post she shared, I would read.

She shared posts multiple times a day about the seizures that Haley was experiencing. Each time you read she had another one, you wonder is this going to be the last one that Haley’s body and brain can take? She has hundreds of them. She is a  Dravet child.

I can’t imagine the fear Jill and other mothers go through every time their child has a seizure. Wondering if they will still have their child after it is over, or if they fall will they get any further damage?

Jason went through this after my accident, my migraines and body pain were so severe, I couldn’t hold my head up with out support even then the pain was extreme. The best for me was lying down propped up by pillows the medication I used to help with the pain was Fentanyl in a lolly pop form. It was the only way I could tolerate pain medication other than IV. Since my stomach was already so sensitive to medications and foods. The migraines were intractable no medication would quell the intense pain and agony they put me in. The Fentanyl at least took the edge off, I still couldn’t sit up with out support but I could at least get a bit of relief.

I would get 2 hour to 12 hour breaks between the migraines, rarely I’d get a day. These times were glorious. I could think a bit then at least. Otherwise, I couldn’t, I would just lay there and pray for it to be over. Jason would come hope and check to see if I was still alive. Fentanyl can be fatal. Going through that every time you enter the room your wife is in, year after year, takes a toll on a person.

I’ve done everything with in my power to get better, be healthier, reduce pain and get proper diagnosis.

I’ve learned that the medical professionals do not have all of the tools and education or time that they need to deal with patients like me. People who do not have the typical illness or issue.

I’ve tried piles of anti-convulsants, combined with my pain medication, and all of the different migraine medications.

What has helped? Extreme Diet Therapy (Ketogenic), Isagenix Food and Supplements and Cleansing, DoTerra Oils

My first Service Dog could detect my migraines before I could tell I was getting them, this allowed me to get my medication in time and allowed me to stop some of them with drug cocktails.

These days, well, I get less migraines due to my changes, I also have less pain as well. If I were to stop this, my body goes back to having more migraines and being in greater amounts of pain.

I can do more, be out of bed more, and participate more in life.

However, I still spend days in bed or on the couch.  When I don’t catch the migraines fast enough or I don’t have enough migraine medication due to insurance limiting the amount I can have, I have to stop sleep and ice my body.

It limits my driving abilities, it limits how much I can do, and my body is still continuing to fight off the pain and migraines.

I believe that through the articles, research, and testimony’s that I have read, that Medical Marijuana Oil would be my best option for living an even better quality of life.

I would like to continue to take less pain medication, less muscle relaxer medications, less nausea medications, and less migraine medications.

Due to what I have read, I believe that this would be possible with Medical Marijuana, I also believe it would help my stomach issues, my digestion and absorption issues, and allow me to have clearer thinking.

While my PTSD is much better than it was I believe I would also receive benefits for that as well.

It would cause me less harm and would cause less damage to my internal organs that my current medication cocktail.

Our own Federal Government of the United States has had it proven in court cases and research, also holds patents on it.

An EXERPT from my friend Carol’s Speech that she gave before the Judiciary Committee yesterday.

“It is well documented that cannabis oil offers great promise for kids with Dravet’s syndrome, and for pediatric brain cancer. Studies out of Israel have demonstrated it’s effectiveness for Crohn’s disease, and as someone suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, I think it should be available to adults as well. My husband suffers from muscular dystrophy, for which there are no medical treatments other than to keep him comfortable with pharmaceuticals. I think medical marijuana should be available to him and others like him.”

Here is the news story that I was featured in on the KLKN Television Station in Lincoln Channel 8!  Duke is in the clip too!!!


Tonja and Service Dog Duke





Thank You Senators for taking your time to consider better options for Nebraskans.

I am a Nebraskan. My name is Tonja this is my service dog Duke.

I have never used Marijuana medically or otherwise, in fact, my entire life I thought that it was this leaf that was what people used.  I have been educating myself about this medication for the past year, when I met a girl with intractable seizures whose mother told me about the potential of marijuana.

I have been prescribed the same medications, as those with seizures to no avail, I use a typically epilepsy prescribed diet to eat.  I do not have epilepsy, I have a Traumatic Brain Injury’s due to multiple concussions, Genetic issue called, Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is the rate-limiting enzyme in the methyl cycle, and it is encoded by the MTHFR gene, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, an uncontrolled migraine disorder, painful digestion issues, allergies, and fibromyalgia, PTSD, and other issues.  (( I didn’t add the link to my blog in the talk I gave, http://pinkdoberman.com/abouttonja/  ))

I would like legislation allowing CBD oil at the very least to be available by prescription, I would also like consideration of CBD combined with higher THC to also be available.  Let me tell you why.

At the risk of alienating each of you, the conditions I have are currently under narcotic care, in fact in addition to narcotic medications, I have to combine muscle relaxers, migraine medications, and nausea medications, back to back many times, and then continue dosing of all but the migraine medications to control the pain.

I do this in addition to Diet Therapy which consists of eating a Ketogenic diet and a diet rich in food supplements, cleansing and vitamins. This has been at my insistence and not my doctors. My doctors however fully support what I am doing and are now recommending what has benefited me to others.

I keep researching on my own because the medical community does not have the time or resources to spend hours upon end on the rare combination of issues that plague my everyday living.

For years under medical doctors care I was in bed unable to hold myself up for any normal period of time. I have tried seizure medication after seizure medication to no avail, the only thing I got were vicious side effects and the feeling of having every set of senses I had be muted and dulled, I was in a fog.

Due to my digestion and stomach issues, the medications I can tolerate are limited, having a history of bleeding ulcers, I must be very careful.

Many times before adding the diet therapy I would land in the hospital emergency rooms sometimes two times a week, where I would receive fluids and additional narcotic medications to control the pain, in high enough doses that they were amazed I was still awake in pain let alone breathing. Sent home many times still in agony.

My husband would come home from his 24 hour shift as a firefighter to check and see if I was still alive.  He’d hold his hand above my face to feel my breath.

At night I still moan and cry out due to the pain, when he sleeps with me he wakes with every cry I utter. The quality of sleep he gets is horrible.

My NeuroOptometrist who was able to diagnose my brain injury, wondered how I had made it all of these years without committing suicide.  I was a puzzle he sought to help.

While diet therapy has helped me have a great deal more energy, it has also helped to take much of the swelling and pain my body had and allow me to do more, including sit up longer, and walking more. On my bad days I use a mobility scooter along with my Service Dog Duke, on my good days I just use the services of Duke.  Duke is my Second Service dog.

People like me do not fit in a box. But we also do need help.  I need to take less damaging medications.
I want access to medical marijuana, because it will likely mean gaining control of my migraines, minimizing my pain, and increasing my productivity.

I have been fighting to work, 5 years ago I was turned down for help by a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, I have fought to educate myself on my husband’s dollar, I have started a business with his support, and finally a couple months ago I was accepted for help by the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  I have yet to receive any services, but I continue to fight for my right to be Equal Before the Law and do my part to contribute to my family.

I have considered moving to Colorado so that I could continue to improve my medical and health situation, gaining better pain management and neurological tools through medical marijuana.

I know the feelings of wishing to die every day with every agonizing breath. I am here today not just for myself, but for these children, and for these adults who have various issues that are not able to thrive under today’s pharmaceutical and medical current state of availability.

I am capable to take these matters into my own hands. As I have done with my own diet therapy, managing my pain medications in conjunction with my doctors, and being a responsible patient.

I am the ideal candidate patient, who follows through and exceeds expectations. All I need is the opportunity.  All I need is to be given access to try this method of medication with my doctors guidance.
My doctors believe in me and believe in my ability to improve myself, they listen when I share ideas, and they are responsive to my needs and empathetic to the plight that they can do no more for me.

I am not willing to lay down and stay quiet.  My voice is speaking for the countless others who cannot afford the route I have traveled, my husband has worked endless hours at countless jobs to insure the care I have is the best I can find. We don’t have a pretty house, the clothes I have are either from before this started or from second hand stores or given as gifts.

What I do have is courage, the ability to involve others, to remain committed to change and a voice to speak up for each person with a medical condition or malady that they are not satisfied with their treatment options.

I do have some questions:

Why would you focus on CBD low THC that only ½ of the kids with Intractable Epilepsy would benefit from according to the Massachusetts GW Pharmaceuticals Study?  Preliminary results reported here:  http://www.gwpharm.com/Clinical%20Use.aspx

Other states are already doing this and their results are having only 50% success.

After Nebraska would permit studies, what happens to the patients that they study has helped?  Do they get a “Pass” that allows them and only them to continue on this treatment? Or are they still going to have to move to Colorado to actually get CBD low THC medication that works for them?

What happens to the rest of these patients?  The one’s that CBD low THC did not help? Do you say oh? Sorry we did what we could?

What happens to the patients who did get help, who are now NO LONGER advocating for additional resources for those who did not?

What happens to these patients if they start as children, as they get older? Will they be allowed to use their CBD low THC medication into adulthood in Nebraska?

The federal government has allowed  with 5 or 6 patients that still remain alive and are exempt from marijuana prosecution and in fact have been sent marijuana for years by the United States Government.

What about future patients who have intractable seizures?

What options are you giving those who do have medication controlled seizures, but who’s livers are being damaged beyond repair due to their prescribed pharmaceuticals?

Are you Senators as citizens and representatives of Nebraska going to say to yourselves, well we’ve done what we could for these kids, our conscious is clear we don’t want anything to do with THC because we don’t want to have this conversation with your constituents?

Will you continue opening your minds to approve of  research done in other states and countries?

What happens when your mother gets cancer and the treatment options available in Nebraska are not going to save her?

What happens when your child gets in an auto accident gets a brain injury and now gets horrendous migraines each day with no more than 3-12 hours of relief for YEARS? Their pain never relenting.

Do you realize that the seizure medications that these children already take or have taken get them stoned and high as well? And damaging brain cells.. have any of the medications we’ve all been subjected to taking ever been tested how many brain cells they kill off?

What about people like me, with genetic mutations? Will we be allowed to be in studies? Typically we are not allowed, due to the company not wanting to have bad results because of us. Which is also why we likely have different reactions than the rest of the population with prescribed medications in my opinion..

What about the adults, who are so busy trying to stay alive that they can’t come here to speak for themselves?  There is no one to advocate for them.  Will you be thinking of them, have their interests in mind as you tell them no we don’t want to allow THC due to it being more addictive, while still allowing a medication like Desoxyn to be on the market and prescribed to those with ADHD and those who are overweight which is just a prescribable form of Meth?  Which provokes questions online like, “My doctor prescribed Meth for ADHD should I take it?

Are you going to protect these parents from being charged with child abuse due to the fact that they are giving their kids CBD low THC medication or other types of Medical Marijuana?

When these children play sports are they going to be penalized for being prescribed and taking CBD low THC medication?

Do you realize that those who have intense regular migraines are given the same medications as those who have epilepsy? Do you realize that many of those people have intractable migraines?  Yes people do not die from migraines, but brain damage is done, and people do die from the side effects of the medications.

Those with muscle disorders, pain disorders, soft tissue damage, brain disorders all must use medication that will eventually destroy their internal organs. Dystonia, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Ulcerative Colitis, PTSD, as well as Epilepsy.

When these patients are able to work will you going make sure that they can avoid recourse from the businesses and companies that they work for when they test positive for marijuana?

Do you realize that many of these people including kids are already on opiate medications regularly?

What happens to the rest of the disabled and medically fragile population that has no one to advocate for them, who’s resources are used to just stay alive?

How are they going to get this currently illegal to grow CBD low THC medication?  Can they cross state lines with it breaking Federal Law and be free from persecution?  Will the State of Nebraska be bringing it in regularly for them? Can they grow it for themselves like many other states allow, or will they need a dispensary to provide specific strains?

Where do cancer patients fit into this? What about brain injury patients?  Those of us here with disabilities are the exception not the norm.  We either have resources greater than others do or have managed to find options for ourselves to be able to speak here today.

If you operate out of fear, avoid facts, and cannot think out of the box with confidence to stand your ground and advocate for your choices I feel incredibly sorry for you.

I used to think like most people do in this state.  That Marijuana has no good uses. I was effectively brainwashed I believe.

I am no longer willing to sit by and ignore the fact that this plant will save the lives of millions of people legally or illegally. Making taxes off of this for the State of Nebraska seems like the responsible choice.

The families that this legislation would help are valuable.  My words today are not against this legislation, but merely to point out that passing this is only the very beginning of what needs to be done. When you write this consider the questions I have asked.

If you are just willing to do the minimum, and not look at expanded options, these families would be better off to move to a state like Colorado where they will become medical refugees to be sure, but they will be free from prosecution, and able to get the help that they need for their children into adulthood.

Be proud of what you can do, stand for something, educate others, answer the questions, and stand with us, be the one who brings about Equality Before The Law, it is Nebraska’s Motto. Let it also be yours!

May your journey be courageous!

Tonja and Duke