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wAiTiNg FoR wEiGhTiNg HoW LoNg WiLL iT Be?

Riding a bike! The day before my car accident almost five complete years ago, I was out riding my bike having the time of my life. Ok, so I am not the best bike rider. But I had aspirations… Jason loves to ride his bike and he is actually good at it. Growing up on […]

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It only takes a moment, a thought, a situation, an error, a success, a lifetime… to change your perception of a situation. Everyone deals with things differently. What may make one person happy, will make another angry or sad. You never know what will set a person off, how could you? Each person has had […]

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MiNdNumBinG ChAoS!

So as things go for me anymore. It is days and weeks before I am able to get things on my list accomplished. Don’t think that because I am writing this now that I actually have my list completed. It is actually far from the case. I have written a list of things that covers […]

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