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I had realized some time ago that things in this world, in my world were changing. I mean, I know that things change every moment. The rate at which things are changing in my life, verses the world ( everyone else’s life ) I have come to realize are at two very different paces. My […]

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I’ve been working hard on getting better, it seems to be a never ending project. I must admit, that this is something I struggle with. I still have my previous life in my mind. There isn’t a day that goes by, especially now, as this was the year that I had planned to give Jason […]

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KiSs ThAt!

Gifts! I’ve got lots of them. I am really quite lucky! I am quite grateful, I live in the country I do. I can open my mouth and what ever crazy, dumb, wierd, correct, inspiring thing that comes out of my mouth is ok to say. It might not be agreed upon by others, but […]

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