Monthly Archives: November 2009

PeRsPeCtiVe & KeEpiN On

I read a post in a group today.  It was about people who’ve lost abilities in their lives causing them to have disabilities. I am no stranger to loosing things, having been a regular looser of car keys, favorite lipsticks, and more.. But loosing a freedom once experienced and taken for granted often results in […]

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oK … yOu!

I am ok, you, get with the program!  This is something in one way or another I keep on telling myself.  Get on track stay on track, get it done, work on it now, so you’re not late!  Sometimes I am late anyway. But this week, most of it which I can’t remember right now, […]

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AmAziNg GrAcE

As I seem to have taken another break from posting.  I have actually been trying to write, but the last few things I have managed to get out of my head, were just not appropriate to share.  I was informed last night before Jason fell to sleep that I hadn’t been doing my part about […]

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