Monthly Archives: November 2010

DaRn GoOd

While it is another late night, there is still time to get a good nights sleep.  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes misery can be a blessing, while at the same time it may feel like a curse.  My life is full of blessings, it seems that I may just have to look […]

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SoMe DaYs

Some days go by and you may feel as if you have nothing to say.  That has not been the case with me lately.  However, exhaustion is another issue in my world.  When you have regular things that need to be done, taking time out to type a bit seems like an impossibility.  I am […]

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  Sitting here tonight in my cuddle duds, sweatpants, socks that go up to my knees and a super comfy sweater I am warm.  I have the electric blanket cranked while Jason has not only the ceiling fan moving cool air but a fan atop our wardrobe blowing also.  Polar opposites.  He sleeps with few […]

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