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ArT GaLLeRY, aNd LiFe

Things have been going quite well.  We had an Artists Reception for some of the pictures we’ve created.  Jason worked that day so the gal that helps across the street was gracious and helped that day!  We served cake balls on sticks and marshmallows on sticks and strawberries all covered in white or dark chocolate.  […]

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TaKe ThE TiMe To GeT tHe ShOt… tHeN tAkE SoMe MoRe TiMe To StAy WiTh iT… PeNnY De LoS sAnToS

Presence… How do you know where you are supposed to be at any given time? For me this choice has been simplified to a great degree.  My life has gone through a major transformation.  You’ll know this if you’ve been following me. But really, given all of the choices I once had I am not […]

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Celiac – Ehlers Danlos – Service / Assistance Dog – CreativeLIVE

Well, I’ve been wondering about what to write about.  I’ve several things on my mind.  First of all I’d like to say that it is National Ehlers Danlos Awareness Month (EDS).   I have EDS.  On it’s own with out my accident I would probably be able to hold down a job combined with the accident […]

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