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Some days… Medical Marijuana, lets legalize it!

My testifying buddy.  We've sat by each other twice now to testify in Nebraska for Medical Marijuana.

Some days are hard to start, others hard to end. This is my other related post. I don’t know where I am at these days, somethings I look forward to greatly others, I find so frustrating making everything so much more difficult.  When you start out it is just a small hill, before you know […]

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Dog Expo Helps Group Provide Service Dogs! Camila Orti Channel 8


This is your link to my Day One Post.. Duke and I made some fun Video! Domesti-Pups had it all going on today, Day TWO!  Duke and I met a new friend today.  Her name is Camila Orti, she is a news reporter for Lincoln Nebraska’s Channel 8 News!  Oh and she’s awesome!  Duke had […]

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I LOVE my Dog Expo!

      Do you LOVE your dog?  I sure do!! Duke is the greatest dog ever!!  <3 Well I have been where everyone feels the same way. It has become an annual tradition for us. Having a Domesti-Pups Service Dog you want to do all that you can to support the volunteers who make […]

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