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Not only is Duke still doing all of the tasks he was trained to do he has learned others he alerts me to my Hemiplegic Migraines, he brings me my medication he just started bringing me my water bottle.  He tells me when I need to take more medication for as long as it takes (sometimes EIGHT hours of telling me to take more) he heals by my side in a wheelchair, gurney and does as he is told all off leash wearing his harness.  He knows when things are serious. He does not alert on my regular migraines.  He is the epitome of the words service dog, he has become more than a partner, he is a friends and one of the biggest loves of my life.

Domesti-Pups Jonney the Inmate and all of the volunteers did the most amazing job with him!

Original Post:
Well he is just amazing!!  It has taken me so very long to write this because this journey has not been easy.  Loosing my first Service Dog Luka, and having Duke.. I know Luka gave Duke a hard time at first but then accepted him and soon after that Luka was ready to leave this world in peace.

Duke and I started out very very rocky.. he wasn’t sure of me at all and I wasn’t sure he was up to the challenge.  I have bonded instantly with every other dog in my life, and this one took a lot of work on my part.  His too really, he had to up his game just like I did.  I think that is what makes our partnership so very valuable.  We’ve earned it.

It has been a year and a half since I have had Duke.  We go on many adventures, he has surpassed what Luka had ever been able to do and he is all heart.

We have a Facebook page that shares a little more inside our journey, you are welcome to follow it.

Duke The Wonder Dog

He has become more than I ever dreamed he would be to me and the bond has not stopped growing.  I’ll talk more soon.. but for now this is all I have to say.

He is the very best dog!! VERY BEST!

<3 Tonja

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