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Some days… Medical Marijuana, lets legalize it!

My testifying buddy.  We've sat by each other twice now to testify in Nebraska for Medical Marijuana.

Some days are hard to start, others hard to end. This is my other related post. I don’t know where I am at these days, somethings I look forward to greatly others, I find so frustrating making everything so much more difficult. ¬†When you start out it is just a small hill, before you know […]

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HiS bUSy DaY!

What another nice day.  For sure!  I am so happy about the weather!  The birds are out chirping again!  I could get used to this!  This morning I was doing pretty well, the eggs got delivered!  Yeah, I reheated the potatoes that I had left out of Luka’s first batch of food and Jason mixed […]

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ThE iNtErViEw… Alicia Myers from 10/11 News in Lincoln NE … LB858

I fixed the bad links below. Thanks for letting me know they were bad!  Sorry they were. =) ~  Click to see:The Official 10/11 News Interview with Alicia Myers Click Here! Click on Service Dog Rights Part 1 Check it out!  Anchor/Reporter Alicia Myers did an amazing job!                         I can’t wait to see Part 2 […]

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Dr. TeMpLe GrAnDiN

Over the years having been involved in many facets of life I learned to pay attention to things that others my not necessarily find interesting or even have thought about.  My mother and father would turn on PBS shows for us to view.  I know that they felt we would be better off by watching […]

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