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DUKE My bLeSsiNg!

Tonja and Service Dog Duke! By Julia Kuzamenko

It’s been hard to write about Duke.  It felt a bit like being disloyal to my hero Luka who’d saved me from my hell.  Luka’s transitioned to being our love at home, he is 14 now and having a few health issues but overall doing quite well.  It has been hard for all of us […]

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PFAM ~ Blog Carnival ~ How to get the right people to pay attention.

Patiently Impatient ~  How to Get the Right People to Pay Attention!   How do you get your healthcare practitioners to take you seriously and give you the time and attention you need?   It has been quite a while since I last shared or hosted a PFAM blog carnival.  I am hoping to get […]

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SaLt oF tHe EaRtH

    The day may have started off slowly, but it had taken off with a magnificent time spent with family.  My energy was holding, we took of for an afternoon adventure to the cousin’s house.  The sun was still out and the wind blew as he drove us toward the city.  My eyes fell […]

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eVeRyThiNg iS a MiNe fiElD…

      Waking up today I had the usual holiday uncertainty.  I wasn’t sure I was up to attending two family gatherings, I still felt tired from having been up so late the night before working on images from our last event.  My medication kicked in, I made our shakes, as Jason was really wanting […]

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