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Tonja and Duke modeling at a photography event this year.  Thanks to Sara Leven for creating this fun picture!!!

  From a Grateful Heart   I had a phenomenal day this past weekend. Duke and I hiked a bunch doing a family photo shoot at a beautiful private hiking area. I broke a sweat, which is something that I never am able to do.  The family had a great experience, and they will have […]

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DiEt, OiL, & SeRViCe DoG DuKe

This image was taken at a photography event called After Dark.  Photographer Sara Levin created this of Duke and I!

It isn’t every day that you notice changes.  They are small almost insignificant, last year I went completely dairy free to see if it would help.  It did not.  So I am still lactose free but eat undenatured isawhey and cheeses low in lactose.  I have more energy with these choices. I have stopped eating […]

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My JoUrNeY.

  I like knowing what works for others, so I thought it would be a good time to share what works for me.   I have had 10 years of different medications for debilitating migraines and body pain. I also have TBI, Ehlers Danlos, Fibro, had Osteoporosis, PTSD, Arthritis, Diverticulitis, and a few other lovely […]

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PFAM ~ Blog Carnival ~ How to get the right people to pay attention.

Patiently Impatient ~  How to Get the Right People to Pay Attention!   How do you get your healthcare practitioners to take you seriously and give you the time and attention you need?   It has been quite a while since I last shared or hosted a PFAM blog carnival.  I am hoping to get […]

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PeRsPeCtiVe & KeEpiN On

I read a post in a group today.  It was about people who’ve lost abilities in their lives causing them to have disabilities. I am no stranger to loosing things, having been a regular looser of car keys, favorite lipsticks, and more.. But loosing a freedom once experienced and taken for granted often results in […]

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