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My JoUrNeY.

  I like knowing what works for others, so I thought it would be a good time to share what works for me.   I have had 10 years of different medications for debilitating migraines and body pain. I also have TBI, Ehlers Danlos, Fibro, had Osteoporosis, PTSD, Arthritis, Diverticulitis, and a few other lovely […]

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AfTeR DaRk.. finding the light.

One Creation from my AD experience!

  I am on facebook these days, and I see posts from lots of folks.  Most are about what they are eating, doing or thinking.  Occasionally there will be posts that are a bit more serious.  Sometimes I post that type, most of the time I post random things that I find interesting or that […]

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eVeRyThiNg iS a MiNe fiElD…

      Waking up today I had the usual holiday uncertainty.  I wasn’t sure I was up to attending two family gatherings, I still felt tired from having been up so late the night before working on images from our last event.  My medication kicked in, I made our shakes, as Jason was really wanting […]

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ReSuLtS fRoM tHe LaB…

  I had pretty much stopped looking, I mean how many roads lead to more answers?  I guess I have some amazing friends who pay attention to what I have shared both online as well as in person.  If it was up to the standard doctor to figure out why I never really healed right […]

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TaKe ThE TiMe To GeT tHe ShOt… tHeN tAkE SoMe MoRe TiMe To StAy WiTh iT… PeNnY De LoS sAnToS

Presence… How do you know where you are supposed to be at any given time? For me this choice has been simplified to a great degree.  My life has gone through a major transformation.  You’ll know this if you’ve been following me. But really, given all of the choices I once had I am not […]

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