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AfTeR DaRk.. finding the light.

One Creation from my AD experience!

  I am on facebook these days, and I see posts from lots of folks. ¬†Most are about what they are eating, doing or thinking. ¬†Occasionally there will be posts that are a bit more serious. ¬†Sometimes I post that type, most of the time I post random things that I find interesting or that […]

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OtHeR eLheRs DaNLoS PeRspEcTiVes…

So since I am still here… waiting for the date of my RFL  I am just taking the opportunity to get to know more about what I am going through.  I really do not have anyone in my family that has ever gotten this bad.  I am sure others in my family have this.  Positive […]

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Today is better!  Finally!  I began to feel better last night thankfully!  Whew!  I can at least move around a bit more now so the house is not nearly as trashed.  I feel very sorry for Jason.  Days I do not feel well, I am not that slick at picking up things I touch.  I […]

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Blessings are around every corner.  Jason took me out for one of our weekend drives.  We hadn’t been on one since last year.  It was nice.  What was even nicer was the beautiful things that we saw while out driving around.  We stopped parked the Jeep and Jason got out.  We saw something that I […]

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I have just realized that this is the first winter since the car accident that I have made it through the winter feeling no worse for wear physically!  Woo HOO!  I stayed inside almost all winter and I am out attacking life with as much as I have got.  ( It isn’t much I admit, […]

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