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Emergency Room!

Duke the Wonder Dog in the Ambulance with me.

  Thank you Tiffany for taking this for me while we rolled down the road.  My neck brace is on for safety as I get jostled around. So it is something that I wasn’t going to talk about. But I think something needs to be said, and I am in the position to be able […]

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Dog Expo Helps Group Provide Service Dogs! Camila Orti Channel 8


This is your link to my Day One Post.. Duke and I made some fun Video! Domesti-Pups had it all going on today, Day TWO!  Duke and I met a new friend today.  Her name is Camila Orti, she is a news reporter for Lincoln Nebraska’s Channel 8 News!  Oh and she’s awesome!  Duke had […]

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PFAM ~ Blog Carnival ~ How to get the right people to pay attention.

Patiently Impatient ~  How to Get the Right People to Pay Attention!   How do you get your healthcare practitioners to take you seriously and give you the time and attention you need?   It has been quite a while since I last shared or hosted a PFAM blog carnival.  I am hoping to get […]

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ReSuLtS fRoM tHe LaB…

  I had pretty much stopped looking, I mean how many roads lead to more answers?  I guess I have some amazing friends who pay attention to what I have shared both online as well as in person.  If it was up to the standard doctor to figure out why I never really healed right […]

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Dear Lord..

Thank you so much for all of the blessings I have received, even though I surely don’t deserve all that I have gotten and what I am asking for.  Amen   Some days I push and push and push.  I push myself to the greatest limits of what my body can withstand.  I know for […]

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