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Emergency Room!

Duke the Wonder Dog in the Ambulance with me.

  Thank you Tiffany for taking this for me while we rolled down the road.  My neck brace is on for safety as I get jostled around. So it is something that I wasn’t going to talk about. But I think something needs to be said, and I am in the position to be able […]

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Some days… Medical Marijuana, lets legalize it!

My testifying buddy.  We've sat by each other twice now to testify in Nebraska for Medical Marijuana.

Some days are hard to start, others hard to end. This is my other related post. I don’t know where I am at these days, somethings I look forward to greatly others, I find so frustrating making everything so much more difficult.  When you start out it is just a small hill, before you know […]

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Why do I want to have access to Medical Cannabis or Medical Marijuana?

Tonja and Service Dog Duke

Medical Marijuana, YES, I said it. Yes I too have stereo types about all of the negative connotations connected to the words Pot, Marijuana, and all of the other terms.. Cannabis is the term people seem to be more comfortable with.. I’ve been doing a lot of learning this year.  A lot of research and […]

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HuMaNs Of NeW YoRk PoSt TrAuMaTiC ViSiOn SyNdRoMe

      So as I sit here and type with my latest migraine.  I cannot stop thinking about all of the other people who haven’t been as lucky as I have. Here is why I say I am lucky.. blessed.. fortunate.. etc. 1. For years doctors could not properly diagnose me. 2. Friends referred […]

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ThE WoRdS DiSsApPeAr… TBI and me.

Tonja and Service Dog Duke! By Julia Kuzamenko

 Shell Shocked & Speechless… Being a person who didn’t get diagnosed with my TBI right away, I knew something had changed. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what was different, but I didn’t see the same and I didn’t think the same. So I started to adapt what I knew of people with learning difficulties and began […]

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