Dear Lord..

Thank you so much for all of the blessings I have received, even though I surely don’t deserve all that I have gotten and what I am asking for.  Amen


Some days I push and push and push.  I push myself to the greatest limits of what my body can withstand.  I know for most people pushing myself to the limits I do is an ordinary day for them.

We recently returned home from a quick trip.  Here is how I made it happen.

Prep day, gather thoughts of items needed to bring and shuffle things together a bit.  Pick up the house so things are in their homes.

Packing day, gather things together and put them in the correct bags.  Make sure to have food along for Luka and I, meds… and all of the regular things.  Also need to have my four special pillows.  Summertime packing means less bags.  Winter, Spring, and Fall mean more bags.  It takes me a day to gather and pack.  I also try to keep the house as in order as possible as well so when we arrive home we aren’t bombarded with a disaster.   I took my medication that keeps me more alert.  (don’t take it often as I don’t want to be addicted to it and don’t want to have to keep increasing the dosage for it to be effective)

Travel day, even with getting things packed up the day before while Jason is at work, it still takes me a while to be able to leave.  Jason has to help me out of the bath, then I have to get dressed, and eat, take meds and if I can dry my hair and wash my face.  Jason loads the car and packs his things, gets gas, loads Luka and his stuff and then I grab the last minute things and we are off.

This trip was 7 hours in the car one direction.  Longer than normal for us, and we stopped a million times I think.  The trip went rather well, I took  the alert medication today also.  I also had to take pain meds and migraine meds.  Jason did a great job of driving.  We arrived in time to attend the rehearsal dinner.  We were on this trip to be with his family as his brother was getting married and he was one of the groomsmen.  We were quite excited to be there.

At the rehearsal dinner, more meds, and we had a great night.  Luka stayed with me so Jason could go and be the brother of the groom all around the room with out waiting on me hand and foot!  We stayed at this gorgeous hotel.  Loved it!

Slept on a Sleep Number bed for the first time.  I have to say I went to bed aching and woke up not hurting that first night!  That was amazing.   Jason didn’t sleep as well, I think his side wasn’t set correctly for him.

Wedding Day.. Jason was up early as usual.  He took a few pictures that morning hung out with family, then attended a lunch with his brother before getting ready for pictures.  My day started later, I got a shower, was able to do it myself in the hotel which was nice.  Got ready for the wedding went to brunch, ate, and then rented a pedicab for Luka to go for a run and get some exercise for the big day.  The pedicab driver was great and let Luka run beside us for 1/2 the trip, then Luka got a ride back in the cab.

We arrived back just in time  for pictures.  Our driver dropped us off under the tent where the wedding was to take place.
The wedding was fabulous!  So much fun and I was able to make it through the entire day.  I had taken my stay alert medication, and then had to take more pain meds and more migraine meds through out the day.  But all in all it went well.  Jason even danced a couple dances with me.  Before the night ended we took a carriage ride.  Something we had wanted to do for a long time.  It was super late, but it really capped off our evening.  Took more meds before I went to bed.  Did not sleep as good that night.  I was a hurting unit.

I knew I had over done it.  But I wanted to be there for the event and have a day where I was doing what others did.

The next morning, I managed to get my things packed up, and get myself dressed and ready to go.  The exhaustion hit just as we left the city.  I was shaky nauseated, migraining and in increasing amounts of pain.   I took lots more medications… I managed not to throw up.  I wasn’t much help for Jason to stay awake for his drive.  We’d been planning on driving 11 hours that day in a transition to the place he would be teaching in a couple days.

Instead, plan B.  He took me home.  I was a wreck and wouldn’t be making the second half of our trip.  Now three days later I am still recovering.  Meds and migraines each day.  Nothing accomplished.  Well writing this is the first thing I have done.   Wish I could have made the second half of the trip, but hey.  I made the first part of it and that was the most important.

Now I am just waiting for my neck to calm down and stop flaring up.  My body muscles are finally doing much better.  But I am still exhausted.  I think tomorrow will be a better day.

I am proud of myself for making it through it all.  Luka did great also!  He was the model Assistance Dog!  I couldn’t have asked for more from him.  He’s been suffering from all of the activity as well.  He has hardly left our bed in three days he is so achy.  He’s taking his meds to.  No worries!  He is up to eat and then he is back to sleep.

The trip went well in our Rav!  Much nicer ride than we’ve had in a long time.  Jason wasn’t stressed as badly about the trip, didn’t have worries if we were going to break down, and the ride was much smoother!  He made the trip with out complaining at all!  With our trips before he was always so so so stressed out.  Our Jeep has LOTS and LOTS of miles on it and we’d always just hold our breath to insure we arrived somewhere in one piece.   We LOVED LOVED LOVED the fact that we had no worries that we’d arrive easily.

It is such a change in him.  I am so grateful that we have something better to drive.  It was a great time.  Things went as good as we could have hoped for and we have a new gal in the family that is just splendid!  Lucky us!  A few more days of resting and I’ll be moving about some more I am sure.

Well that is all for now.  I am going to sit back with my ice packs and rest some more.

With a grateful heart,

Pink Doberman

Adrien - August 19, 2011 - 1:31 pm

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Kris - August 20, 2011 - 3:19 pm

We all struggle at times–with pain, thoughts, emotions.
So glad you reached in and found the strength to be there and celebrate with family. Congrats to the brother of the groom!
I’m so grateful that you share!
What ever happened with the proposed changes to laws concerning working animals? Will that work take longer?
Just curious. I wish you well and feel better!

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