DiEt, OiL, & SeRViCe DoG DuKe

This image was taken at a photography event called After Dark. Photographer Sara Levin created this of Duke and I!

It isn’t every day that you notice changes.  They are small almost insignificant, last year I went completely dairy free to see if it would help.  It did not.  So I am still lactose free but eat undenatured isawhey and cheeses low in lactose.  I have more energy with these choices.

I have stopped eating everything with a grain, no rice, corn, and all things considered to have gluten in them of course as I have done the past years.  Adding in the extra grain groups has been a benefit.

Additionally I have stopped eating sugar, items with sugar, honey, molasses etc.  This also includes fruit, which does make me sad.. but I’d rather feel better than worse.

No potatoes, beans other than green, and any other starchy food.  They are all out.  Starch/carbs/sugar all turn to sugar, all lead to extra inflammation and that is what is keeping me in pain longer.  I don’t like this and I want the swelling in my neck and joints to be as minimal as possible.

I’ve been doing this nearly 5 months now and I am doing better.  Taking less medications and being able to be a bit more active in general.

I am still eating my Isagenix shakes, supplements, and vitamins.  When I stop doing these I get what ever bug is floating around, and in addition I have no energy, increased pain and less mobility.  I end up in bed and in trouble.  So these things especially the Isagenix Cleanse are staples and everyday things for  me and my life.  Yes of course I am a distributor for this.. I like getting things at the lowest prices.  Yes, I can help you do the same.  No I won’t drive you nuts about it.    You have to ask.  More about ME and what I deal with..

What else do I eat?  Meats and Veggies.  I am basically on a paleo ketogenic diet.  I do use alternative sweeteners.  I’ve subscribed to the theories about sweeteners that Maria Emmerich teaches on her blog and books.  I am very leary of these as well, and am careful to control my intake of them.  Most of her recipes are also good for me which is handy!

I eat coconut.  In fact one of my favorite things is called Paleo Wraps.  They work great and are delish!  I order them in the bulk package.  I also love to eat So Delicious!!  These are some of my favorite things!!  What I ate for supper tonight!!  Bacon Wrapped Onions!! OMG!!  2 DIE 4!!

Duke.. he eats a regular grain free diet as well.. he gets gas from grain.. so we just avoid it.

The latest changes have come from my friend Anna talking to me.  She thought I’d already heard about these things and was likely using them.  I hadn’t and wasn’t.  I was having extreme difficulties with allergies this year.  And that results in more pain for me, which of course I work to avoid.  I love my friends, so many of them have hooked me up with solutions and ideas that have helped my journey and helped me create a better life for myself.

So she started telling me about how the oils have helped her and her allergies.  She found relief through using them, and thought I might too, she also said that people have found relief for pain issues as well so since she doesn’t live near me, I just signed up and ordered a kit.  $250 later I got the Home Essentials Kit, and a couple of days, I had the oils in my hands.  I know about quality products, if I am going to use anything I am going to use the best I can find, I’ll use less of it and it will have the greatest chance of working.  I was thrilled to read about the way they process the oils and how concerned they are about quality.  Just like I’d listened to my friend Joyce about Isagenix, I just started with the kit Anna recommended for me.

Not trying to sell you on starting.. I decided once again to get the discount, I trusted my friend Anna, and really wanted to get started using these oils as soon as I could. So here is what I’ve used.

I haven’t used everything that came in my kit yet.

I have used with success:

Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender in a shot glass with water, two drops each to help control my allergy issue.  It doesn’t solve the allergy problem, I’ll still get them again, it does help my body react differently to them, I am also still taking my prescribed allergy pills but they just weren’t doing enough.  Quite pleased with the results of this combination for myself.”

My other favorite combination is Frankincense combined with Oregano, I’ve been putting that all over my body every where it hurts.  They call this the Morphine Bomb.  I’d have to agree!  It really has helped with my pain levels.  6 drops of each mixed with coconut oil.  I guess you can swallow this combination as well, Anna recommended that you add it to a capsule and then swallow it as it is SPICY!!

I also tried the Arthritis Recipe, I don’t have all of the oils recommended for that one, but I did make it with the one’s I do have, and I did find some relief also.

Color me AMAZED!!!

My physical therapist had used oil on my feet when she worked on me, I thought all of the benefits were from the massage work that she did not the oil.. now I wonder.  I have sent her a note to find out what she used on my feet.. I may want to try that also..  I had heard of oils, she just never really shared much about the benefits, other than she really liked what they did, I was also in lots of pain when she worked on me so it is likely I totally forgot about her trying oils on me.  Oops.

Glad that she did though.  How do you choose what would work best for you?  You ask!  Ask me if I don’t know I’ll find out for you!  That is what I did.  Don’t think I think you need this, these are just things that are changing my life, so I am doing what my friends did for me and I am sharing with you.  You get to decide.

Find out more about my photography at

The image I shared here was taken at After Dark which is an educational event for photographers.  Sara Levin was kind to create some shots of Duke and I together while she tested out some different lenses.

Duke has been doing an amazing job for me!  We keep getting better and better at working together and today Jason gave him a bath and we went for a run with Hazel on my scooter to dry them off.  =D

I hope you find this to be helpful, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.

I am sharing my journey so that you can hopefully benefit.  If you’d like to go on my journey with me with Isagenix or doTerra let me know.  I’ve been using Isagenix for about five years now and I believe it saved my life.

Tonja and Duke

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