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UPDATE   July 13th, 2013:

Tonja and Luka Service Dog  Pink Doberman

Tonja with Luka, when they were out together in 2010

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Things are starting to come together.  No one can call me speedy but as I remind myself it isn’t how you start it is how you finish!
We have a site set up for donations.

I am working hard at collecting donations for an experience auction!  I have the site but don’t yet have enough items in my auction that it would be very interesting!  I am accepting volunteers to assist with this!!  =D  Let me know if you’d be willing to help me put this together!

One friend is working on an idea to do with Wine and Art which would be a great fundraiser!

Another friend is working on an idea with the direct marketing company ThirtyOne!

I am also working on one more idea having to do with our photography, and dogs!

And possibly one more!  Fingers crossed as we work to cross the finish line on September 1, 2013 with $6000 for my new Service Dog Partner!

I’d love to have you involved so stay in touch and join our team!  I hope to do at least one of these events every year to help others get their service dog too!

OH, and I have an appointment on Monday with Vocational Rehabilitation, you know the place that told me I was to disabled for them to even open a file on me, let alone thought that anyone would be able to train or hire me!  WRONG ANSWER!      I trained and hired myself!   Now I am going back and asking for help with the “business” side of my business, and assistance to get a scooter lift that I can use on my own for my car and actually be even more able to do things on my own with my service dog!  My friend is coming out to pick me up and driving me into my appointment, and then going to drive me back home!  So grateful!  Jason is busy that day and I love that I have a friend who can take me!

Blessings, Tonja


The Scoop, Written Previously June 25, 2013
So I’ve had this little letter a week or so now, and every time I think about how much money I need to be raising I feel sick.

It is something I honestly thought was never going to happen.  I’d given up hope, I thought to myself, just reach out this one last time.  So I did.

I’d pretty much given up and Jason had too.  He’s worn out from having to have me on his arm everywhere I go with him.  He has to go down the same isles I go down do the same things I do even thought he has no interest.  I could go in my scooter sometimes which does help but that is a whole different story of not being able to go a whole different set of places or getting it stuck…  I am pretty darn lucky to have a willing and devoted husband, he is quite the angel. Think John Travolta.. =D

I can’t even tell you how long ago I applied for a Service Dog.  It has been years.  Many years and many applications to many different groups, breeders, etc.  I’ve never gotten this close before.  If I had a pile of money I could have purchased one before now.  With the money we have gotten and earned we’ve chose to pay off things, start fixing our house, pay for other medical tests and care, and care for Luka and Hazel properly, along with start a business so I could have a way to contribute to our house hold expenses and our lives, as well as give me something positive to focus on and a way to bring joy and a lasting treasure to others.  Especially since after years of applying to different places sending money in for people to review our application, and then never a word..

I guess I feel I need to justify what we’ve been doing.  If I am going to ask someone for help.

It has been a frustrating process.  I won’t sugar coat it.  I’ve seen others get their dogs with much less frustration, however.. everything happens in the proper time, it may not be my time but all the while I will surely be grateful!

So if this is you keep on keeping on.  Be pleasantly persistent and don’t give up even though it may feel like you should.

This being said, I received this confirmation letter!   I couldn’t be more scared and I couldn’t be more grateful as I haven’t been this close to having my independence back and giving Jason some of his back too.   What I look forward to doing most is driving myself back and forth to physical therapy appointments.  I’ve stopped going to them because it takes so much of Jason’s time to do this.  He doesn’t complain about taking me, but I know it has taken a huge toll on him, driving to every appointment and waiting for me and then driving me home.  I also look forward to doing some of the simpler photography sessions on my own and possibly doing some of my own personal shopping.

Once I get my assistance dog I will need his help in the beginning until I get strong enough to drive myself back and forth.  But then with my new service dog by my side I’ll be able to do it on my own.  Just like before when Luka was able to go with me.  I had to stop because Luka was getting older and not doing so well so it wasn’t good for him and he needed to be retired a long while back.

It basically says it could be a couple of months and I’ll be partnered, or it could be another year, but I am soon to gain some independence again outside of my home.  Jason will finally get a break, and I’ll be able to walk by myself instead of wearing out his arms all of the time.

As you can see I also need to raise $6000 yet for my part of the $24000 cost.   As you can imagine I am freaked out by this.  However daunting, I am committed to giving this fundraising effort all I can.

They also sent along a bundle of fundraising information.  Which I am finding to be a bit of a calming resource, getting me at least pointed in the right direction.

One of the first things it says to do is have help… Oh boy..

My nerves are a bit fried because every time I have tried to raise funds for something I haven’t been overly successful.  Sell something yes.  But when it has come to fundraising I never really got the hang of it.

Before the accident I sold lots of nuts for my Rotary Club.  After the accident we pretty much bought all of the nuts I was supposed to sell..  Ha.

So I am going to be looking for people who’d like to help me with this for sure.

I have a few ideas of how to raise the money and I am committed to doing what I can for sure.   So if you’d like to be a part of this journey, let me know.


Here is to living the next section of my life more independently!


Tonja (PinkDoberman)



Pinkdoberman Luka and Tonja

Luka and I in 2010


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