Emergency Room!


Duke the Wonder Dog in the Ambulance with me.

Thank you Tiffany for taking this for me while we rolled down the road.  My neck brace is on for safety as I get jostled around.

So it is something that I wasn’t going to talk about. But I think something needs to be said, and I am in the position to be able to share what others are not because they have jobs and positions to protect.

I went into the ER last night after my friend Lisa​ and her family arrived at my home Jake fed Duke and let him out before the ambulance arrived. Lisa went above and beyond as a friend to help me decide what I should do. I’d been laying down feeling my normal not so whoopy. When out of the blue my body experienced this horrible stabbing pain inside my back… Cindy​ took my call at dispatch, David​ and crew showed up with the squad, Chantelle​ came over and provided followup by making sure my father would have information and access to the house if he were going to be here with out me. Everyone in the house that had been filled with piles of my closet contents.. Soup on the stove and dried Kale that probably looked like Marijuana in a bowl.

It takes a village.. at the hospital I was greeted by Nurse Karen (the same nurse I had a few weeks ago while in the ER), Nurse Lisa’s husband used to be on the job with Jasøn​ her IV didn’t even leave a bruise on my hand. Stephen had already taken blood out of my good vein he did so perfectly, the least amount of pain I have ever experienced with a needle.

Erin the doctor, she didn’t argue with the pain med, she was great, I don’t tolerate Morphine with out much discomfort it use to only need one chaser of Benadryl now I need two chasers. So Fentanyl it was. This is something that agrees with my body so much better, by the time I actually got the med in my room I was doing better so I declined it. Later I had a change of mind so just before I got checked out I had it added.

I used to use Fentynl LollyPops, (downside to these is they rot your teeth but they don’t mess with my tummy) but my insurance does not cover the cost of them. I can’t take pills of it, it turned out that I had a kidney stone leave my kidney last night. It left a big tear and is still stuck inside me. A lot of pain this rice sized particle caused so far.

The medication that the doctor prescribed was Oxycodone, I can’t take that. Taking that means instant Ulcers starting.. I can’t use so many medications because they horrible on either have gluten in them which this also has the potential to contain or they are horrible on stomach lining..

Duke on the floor in my Emergency Room sorry it is upside down. Duke followed me off leash to all of the different testing rooms following my command. He behaved perfectly!

I’ve gone all of today with a migraine.. a normal one, no meds, a kidney stone issue, female issue, and another issue due to a procedure I had done before Jason left and another issue that is caused by my use of pain medication . All of them are causing pain or are highly uncomfortable.

I am not telling you this as a plea for sympathy. I am sharing so you understand. I do have a pain medication that is able to handle this it is an alternative medication Schedule II, but sometimes it just is not enough. I need something else for my body.

That is why I am asking you to understand. There are people like me out here who need other alternatives. Medical Marijuana does not have the same bad side effect that I get from other Narcotic Medications, it isn’t filled with gluten like so many other options are. It won’t destroy my stomach and intestine lining.

Having a Kidney Stone, I don’t think I need to add Bleeding Ulcer to the list of things causing me pain. (when I am in pain I don’t drink lots of water.. which probably contributed to my kidney stone.. ) I don’t know how much one person is supposed to go through in order to help people understand..

Duke The Wonder Dog​ alerted on me shortly after his run. So I have now taken THREE Narcotic Medications, a muscle relaxer, a nausea medication, and a shot of a migraine medication. So far he is happy.. and while he was alerting on me I was feeling the best I had felt all day. =(

Which gives you some perspective possibly.

I will also add that I get all of my dental work done with out sedation, shots or pain medication. Yes I’ve had a root canal done this way not to mention countless teeth filled.

By no means is what I am going through any different than what other broken and unwell people go through. My struggle is not worse, not better, it is just mine. Other people are going through these things too..

They can’t speak out. They have jobs and lives to protect. Heaven forbid a mother should come forward and say she uses Medical Marijuana for her X Y or Z.. she could loose her kids, her marriage, her job, her home and her freedom. But it has kept her from committing suicide, it is helping her be a better mother, wife and worker. Her doctor knows and is supportive but no one can say a thing.

Educate yourself. Really look. Really open your mind to the possibility of what if! My doctor has written a script for me to travel to Colorado for Medical Marijuana. I know other patients who use.

Untie the hands of medical providers. Make Medical Marijuana accessible with in 30 minutes of everyone who needs it or better yet let it be available down the street from a personal care provider. Can you imagine being in the most horrible pain you can imagine, it is a chronic condition and you would have to travel 2-4 hours one direction to get a medication that could stop it? Imagine your child has epilepsy and you’ve run out of measures to stop the worst seizures, because you’ve had to use your emergency supply in two days.. and now you need more?

Duke was the perfect service dog, he rode in the ambulance stayed by my bed, he followed me unleashed through the halls of the hospital as I went to every test. He is my four legged hero.

Dad​, Keenan​, and Nikki​ sat by my side at the ER.. Jason Skyped from Brazil…

Usually Jason handles things like this all on his own with me.

Today Dad left for another sisters house, Angie​ came to the house for my physical therapy session, Riley​ swung through on her way to school, Jane​ checked in with me, Chantelle picked up my regular scripts, Keith​ mowed the lawn, and Zeke​ took Duke for a run.

And for some good news.. My new computer and monitors have been approved through The Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Actually this whole post is good news. I am so very lucky. I am luckier than most of you because I can speak out. I can share that I need help and I can get proper diagnosis and fabulous medical care that does not treat me like some lunatic or over reactive patient.

I have a really great village! <3 I am grateful for each one of you!
Today I found out that Senator Garretts LB 643 has also advanced to the Full Nebraska Legislature with a Judiciary Committee Vote of 7-1.  Now for all of our Nebraska State Senators discussion and a vote to make it all legal.  In addition a ballot initiative has been ramping up for 2016. Thanks to Omaha NORML.  I don’t believe the current LB 643  legislation will give me access as a patient.. =( That is the downside so far..

I do hope you will contact all of your political leaders in our country to get Medical Marijuana moved to a Schedule 3-4 drug.  So that patients can hire caregivers, keep big pharma out of the equation, provide care at a reasonable price..  I have been learning so much.  It is a struggle to change my opinion of this plant in my mind I admit.
I know it has to be even harder for someone not suffering with no answers.  Please just think about it. Please just start Googling Medical Marijuana.  Google Rick Simpsons Oil…  read about this.  What if it were you or someone you loved?

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Life is full of Possibilities!
Tonja and Duke

May your day be blessed and your journey rewarding!


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