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Waking up today I had the usual holiday uncertainty.  I wasn’t sure I was up to attending two family gatherings, I still felt tired from having been up so late the night before working on images from our last event.  My medication kicked in, I made our shakes, as Jason was really wanting to have a lazy morning, downstairs wasn’t calling my name or anything, he usually gets their food ready in the morning s when he is here.  Today I wanted to be nice, and Luka and Hazel also seemed to want to sleep in.  It was after all just after eight am.

The stairs fell one past the other underneath my feet.  I held on to the rails as usual.  Going down is usually worse than going up, and mornings make this task even more dangerous for me.  I usually don’t attempt the decent this early and this soon after rolling out of bed.  My arms caught me as my feet got jumbled up on the last step.  All was good, I finally made it to the basement, to make their food.  We soak the dog food usually an hour before we feed it to them.  This way the swelling of the nuggets is done in the bowl and not in their stomachs.  After having lost Jag to a bloat issue, we don’t tempt fate.  We do everything we can to prevent it, including prepping their food and putting it on raised chairs to help minimize air intake.

I went back upstairs without incident.  I ran the water for my bath brushed my hair and started getting more excited for the day.  The tub was filling and the steam was rolling out off of the hot water.  Just the way I like it baths are a little bit of rejuvenation for me.  Everything is always better after a bath.  Getting in the tub is pretty easy, I once hurt myself turning the water on.. but other than that I have been incident free, however getting out provides a trickier situation.  Jason lifts me out of the tub so there are no accidents, I felt bad this morning as he was a bit achy..  of course he told me this after he had already lifted me out.

I hadn’t decided what to wear today yet, I had thought about some of the clothes I got in Kansas City the last time I visited my sister.  Most of them were black, and this being Easter, they just didn’t seem to be the right thing.  I finally settled on a new combination.  A gold jumper with a flared skirt that stopped just above my knees, I added a hot pink sweater over the top, the sweater was made of loose stitches so you can’t wear it just anywhere, and with the larger holes, you needed to wear something with it.  I dug out a pair of tights, the herring bone design complemented the design on my jumper, and a pair of shoes my friend Susan gifted me seemed to work perfect, they were brown and clunky!  Just the thing to add a little extra funk.

I had planned to bring along some food, Jason even packed our toaster oven, at family gatherings, everyone brings food, and usually the oven’s are filled with items needing to stay warm, if I was going to eat pizza, I decided I better bring along my own heat source.  Jason also grabbed my frozen Gluten Free Pizza!  We gathered a few other snacks to share and he loaded the car.  He said my hair looked good as we left for our first Easter dinner.  I was excited.  Tired but excited.  It would be fun to see everyone.  I didn’t even know who was coming.  His side of the family was first, we took a scenic drive over to his aunt’s house.  It takes about an hour, I thought I would fall asleep, but midway through the trip I was still sitting there wide awake.

It wasn’t long though before I found we were turning into her Nebraska town.  On the way I mentioned to J that I was excited he was taking the scenic route to his aunt’s house.  I guess it has been a while since I paid attention to the drive, he told me that this was the shortest and most direct route.  I would have gone a different less scenic and longer way.   We had a nice little laugh about it.  Watching the road curve on I dozed off finally, and woke as he slowed for her corner.

We weren’t the first to arrive but, we did get the closest parking spot, which was super nice the sun was out but the wind was a bit tricky, I wondered as we walked up if I was showing off a little extra as my skirt flared in the wind.  I decided I was probably safe and I grabbed the latch to her screen door and we let ourselves in.   We were greeted by J & C and family, along with aunt G, others arrived on our heels and soon there were glasses of wine being pored and jalapeno jam and crackers being consumed.   I opted for lemonade first, it was the powdered kind, pored out from a neat jug that shown off the yellow liquid with a center of ice keeping it cold.  I think it was probably made from the Crystal Light containers, and had some sort of fake sweetener added, you know the type with the funny taste.  The tea in another thermos became the better choice.

It was fun to sit and chat while everyone trickled in. It wasn’t long before the prayer was said and we were standing in line for everyone’s treats.  Aunt G mentioned her meat was gluten free.  Cousin J had gluten free potatoes and I’d brought some potato chips.  That was lunch then.  It turns out I should have opted for my pizza.  Aunt G forgot she’d added beef broth to the meat, broth is unknowingly sneaky as a hidden source of gluten.  I couldn’t be sure if I had been but I did stop eating just in case.  Surprises in food make me a bit uneasy.  Everything is a mine field.  Turns out my nerves ended up being the worst of it and there was relief for sure.

Having time to sit after eating, can prove good for your sleeping habits, or time to get caught up with others.  Usually I end up falling asleep somewhere on a couch someplace warm, today proved to be a bit different.  I sat up and was able to chat today.  I had a great conversation with all of the ladies in the room, my beautiful mother in law included, I got to sit and eat my lunch with her on the couch.   Plans were discussed, a game was watched, teenagers took my spot asleep in the sun.  It was time, we had to leave for the next meal.

More soon…

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