HuMaNs Of NeW YoRk PoSt TrAuMaTiC ViSiOn SyNdRoMe




So as I sit here and type with my latest migraine.  I cannot stop thinking about all of the other people who haven’t been as lucky as I have.

Here is why I say I am lucky.. blessed.. fortunate.. etc.

1. For years doctors could not properly diagnose me.
2. Friends referred me to check into diagnosis possibilities and I researched myself.
3. My husband has a steady job, with good insurance.
4. My husband loves me very much and has been willing to walk through hell holding my hand never letting go!
5. When I found the specialist, he is a top specialist in the world, and he is near to me.  Dr. Nedrow in Lincoln NE.
6. My specialist enjoys solving puzzles… and had to work hard to help me.
7. My other doctors are supportive of my care and progress, they listen and are also willing to learn.
8. I was accepted by a Service Dog Training Organization.. Domesti-Pups who trained Duke for me.
9. When I asked my friends for help raising money for Duke, my friends came through!
10.  I am a positive person, my mother raised me around Zig Zigler, and I had a successful career in Mary Kay which “brainwashed” me into believing the impossible was possible, and to never give up.

This is the post I saw on Facebook today.   Please locate my comment, I think it is around the 3000th one or so, and like it so it can be brought to his attention.

I commented on it.  I shared a bit of my story and the links to several websites including this one.  This man needs to get a proper diagnosis and follow up care.  It is a long road to recover from this, it takes regular supportive people around you.  Likely it will need to be a community of them.  Or one person who is over the top committed to insure that you are able to get the care that you need.  Both of these things are rare.

Then the third component is finding the right specialists, who won’t load you up on more pills to try to hide the problems, but finding specialists that can actually treat and correct the issues.  And the assistive technology that goes along with it.  For me that is my Service Dog Duke, his harness, a car that suits my needs and doesn’t cause further pain, and people willing to drive me around when I cannot.

It also takes swallowing every ounce of pride you have and asking for help.

What this man is living through is hell.  His head is like hell.  The people who don’t get it drive a person further down.  The manic emotions that come with the loss of your life and your abilities are very difficult to control.  The pain is intense.

This is about all I can write for now.  I am back to resting.

I hope someone can find this man and get him the information I have shared. I also hope that a community of people will stand up around him and help him get the help he needs.  It will take a long while but it will be worth it!

He is worthy of being helped!

Tonja and Duke

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