KeTcHuP.. CaTcH Up.. CaRniVaL..

I Get exhausted pretty darn quick… It may not seem as if I do but I do.

Some days I become more physically exhausted.  Other days it is mental and some days… both happen at the same time.

If I can manage to keep things at an even keel, keep the stress levels low and the weather cooperates.. life can be pretty good.

Summer is definitely better than most of the other months.  Even with the outrageous heat we’ve been having these days in Nebraska.   I am not sure why but heat is much better for me than the cold, Ice Packs work much better on my neck back an head than heat does.

It has even been about a year or so since I had my head over heat out of control.  Which has been nice because that is kind of a freaky thing to have happen.  I do seem to still get uncontrollably cold, and can’t seem to warm myself up unless sleeping under PILES of covers and using a heating blanket or taking a HOT bath.   But life is still so much better than it has been.

From my window in my new chair.. Yes I was graciously gifted a LIFT CHAIR by a friend.  So So grateful for that, as they are super expensive and most of the recliners out there are much to huge for me.  This one is a Rose colored chair and it is smaller than most.  I still need a pillow on one side of it to keep me snuggled in good.  But that is just fine with me!  I don’t use it to get up or to sit down, I us the robotic part of it to lye me back and get me up.  Two things that are difficult at best for me to do in regular recliners.

Regular recliners, I may be able to get myself into the recline position on my own, however most often I will need help as they push to hard back or the pull lever is to hard to move.  Once I am in the recline position it is difficult to stay in it as I don’t seem to be top heavy enough to hold the darn things back.  So they will constantly flip me forward with any movement.

This chair has been an answer to prayer as far as my husband is concerned… me too really.  I no longer spend my days in bed in the bedroom, where I have spent most of the last 7 years.  I now can sit in the living room where I am right now!

While it isn’t a perfect solution as reaching my computer is more uncomfortable than it was in the past, it is a better option for me and for our marriage.  Now Jason can actually sleep in bed, when my insomnia kicks in.   Instead of listening to me click away on the computer.  I can enjoy a different view too.

One that has been a bit distracting since I have moved out here.. but I am getting used to it.  Between the move to the new room the chair the adjusted computer table..  well add in the stress of our legal situation regarding the accident, our attorney issues, and our financial situations…. car situations…  paper work… health stuff, financial planning, aging service dog, house repairs, etc.  LIFE stuff.. You get the picture.. I’ve had a lot to deal with and still do.  But I think it is much better from this chair.

Speaking of cars.  Since getting permission to drive, since Jason’s Jeep’s clutch going out and maxing out our one emergency source of funds..  we got some help from family, some advise from friends, and advise from professionals… we figured out a solution not a great solution, but one that takes some of the stress out of our lives in a major way for us right now.   Adds to the stress further down the road… but I guess life is a balancing act and this is one more thing we’ve had to balance.

We got a different car.  A Rav4.  A car that will be good for me to drive ( As I sat in LOTS and LOTS of models testing them for fit), it gets MUCH better gas mileage than the Jeep, we still have the Jeep as it has served us well and for the most part Jason can fix it on his own, and has over the 250,000+ miles that it has on it.

Reliability is a good thing.  Not that our Jeep hasn’t been but it is time to give it a little break.  I am looking forward to driving again but so far I have not.  I am hoping to go out for some practice drives in the next week or so.  I am nervous of course.  The reasons I stopped driving are very clear to me.  The Dr. checked me out and gave me the all clear.  So now I just have to work up the confidence to do it.

We hope to drive our TOYOTA over the next 20 years!  Fingers crossed!   Thanks so much to those in our life who helped us with this decision.  Pro’s and Con’s were all weighed very carefully.  Nothing is easy, and for that we are surely aware!

Our photography is going quite well.  People that we don’t see on a regular basis and those we’ve never even met are asking us for sessions!  We’ve got several waiting in the wings to share.  We aren’t shooting to be the busiest photographers on the block.  Jason does this for fun.  Me.. I do this for the artistic stimulation of making something and giving something back.  And SURE  I would LOVE to turn this in to a venture that would put me in a more independent financial state!  But not at the expense of my health, so for now folks it is slow and steady and we will only accept so many bookings as we want to do our best job and not burn out!




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