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While life isn’t always exciting, it does have its moments.  I have been blessed to have some of the most amazing doctors.  I got to see one of them today.  I have to go every month or so to stay up on things, today proved to be a longer wait our appointment was at 2:30 but we weren’t seen until around 4:30 and we left around 5.  Before we left I got a hug from doctor G.  He misses Luka, who has been a topic of conversation since he last came with us nearly a year ago now.

Luka is to the point that he is mostly retired. He does help me if I need help outside the house, to walk to a neighbor’s or something, but other than that he just gets to be a dog.  So today’s appointment involved getting my new handicapped parking permit.  My old one expired..  it isn’t something I use often, but when I am out on my own, it is something I need.  When Jason is driving he makes sure I get to where I need to be and we don’t use it usually.  When hauling the scooter it is an important tool as well, I can’t get the scooter off and on in a regular space, unless the whole back end sticks out past everyone.  Dr. G said I was his easiest patient today, he filled out this form for me, and I handed him another one to fill out also.

The other form was to apply for another service dog.  I think it is time.  I’ve applied to several places but I am really hoping that our local place is going to be the one who works out.  I’ll know more later, Dr. G went crazy to fill it out.  I think he is as excited for me to get another partner as I am.  He told me to bring my new dog in next time I came.. he soon realized that it wouldn’t happen that fast, but anyway.. it is all good.  I think it takes about a year, and I’ll need to raise $6 grand.  I am quite nervous about this for sure.

When your doctor walks in and you have the stacks of paper lined up to discuss with them, I can imagine they may find it fairly daunting. I try to be organized. He was already running two hours behind and I didn’t want to cause anyone more delays, and J had already gone out for two walks to keep all of his energy positive.  I was doing well today so waiting for me was easier.  Sometimes when I am not doing so well we go out and wait in the car so I can sit comfortably.  What I like about having to wait, is that when it is my turn if I need the extra time I know I will get it, if I don’t, I am glad to send him out quickly so he can spend that extra time with someone else.

He got handed the information from P.A. Lynn who’d done all of those tests and filled my head with so much more information. She is great!  Dr. G, LOVED the testing she’d done for me.  I think she may be getting some referrals from Dr. G after this.  He will be studying up I have no doubt with the results.  He is a pain management and the resident accident or difficult patient doctor.  He deals with the people that traditional medicine doesn’t deal with. Gratefully so as he is good at problem solving and he is a good listener.  He is always full of ideas and wanting the very best for people around him.

After all of this waiting today, I did get really tired.  I had been doing a cleanse day and I stopped just before the 24 hour mark, which is just fine.  I’ve got one more cleanse day I think before I start taking some of the methofolate.  I’d prefer to not have any adverse reactions, and I hear that the cleansing helps this.

Tomorrow is one of those favorite days.  I get to work on paperwork again, my goal is to allow two days per week for this at least until I get it figured out, and then hopefully it will only take a single day.  I am sure many of you understand my dread.  Really though, it is just like anything else, the more you think about it the worse it becomes, the faster you do it the easier it is and the less dreadful impact it has on your mental state.  Jason moved my old file cabinet up from the basement.  It is still mostly filled with old Mary Kay files and things, much of which will be seeing the shredder.  Life has funny ways of changing.  Whatever you don’t deal with or don’t want to learn keeps coming back to you like a boomerang.  So I am trying to take the proactive approach of planning to work on these things and working my plan.  =D  So far so good.

Well, my pizza filled tummy is putting me into a food coma.  I think that is a sign that I should be hitting the hay.  I have to grab my vitamins and meds and wash my face of course, but then it will be lights out for this girl and her boys.


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