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I like knowing what works for others, so I thought it would be a good time to share what works for me.


I have had 10 years of different medications for debilitating migraines and body pain. I also have TBI, Ehlers Danlos, Fibro, had Osteoporosis, PTSD, Arthritis, Diverticulitis, and a few other lovely things.  ABOUT TONJA

My horrible migraines and pain started with a car accident over 10 years ago now, I was bed ridden from the a pain and I had no clue I had all of these other issues, or was developing them. Prior to the accident I had IBS and Ulcers and would get an occasional headache that I just took over the counter medication for.

I have been soda free for 20 years, Lactose Free for 20 years, and after the accident I went Gluten Free by accident, I tried not eating cheese, or wine, chocolate etc.. all of the things that people say could have an effect on the debilitating pain.

I was in bed for 3-4 years and on VERY strong pain medications with regular trips to the ER to control the pain my head and body was in. For me the migraines affect the whole right side of my body, occasionally they will affect the left.

The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, it was only in the last couple of years that I was diagnosed, with the TBI, which made the uncontrollable migraines make sense. I would have them every day non stop for up to 6 days, I’d get a small break and they’d start back up. I’d get them from various causes I now know.

Weather, movement, PMS, allergies, and rebound from the medications.

The doctors gave me every seizure drug they could think of to try to control or reduce them. None of those worked for me, they just made my less painful moments less tolerable.

I had nerve ablations in my cervical spine which helped immensely, I had that done 3 times with up to 5 nerve area’s being shut down. This gave me the ability to start holding my head up on my own. The migraines still came but I could sit up now after 3 years of not being able to.

About this time a Service Dog named Luka magically appeared in my life.  He could tell me when my migraines were going to start, this helped a great deal because I would never notice early enough to take my medications.  With his help and the help of my husband, I began to get the migraine medications started earlier.  It did make some difference and would have longer breaks like a day or two with keeping them under control better.  I still was on lots of medications, and would only be up and around for a few hours each day.  Jason had gotten a camera during this time and when he left it home I would try to take pictures with it, which was hard, because I could barely hold it up.

Now I was working really hard to stay as active as I could, which wasn’t much.  In Physical Therapy, I would walk for 10 minutes, I walk pretty slow, but I was moving, and would do other exercises that my therapist would guide me through.  This helped also. 

About 5-6 years ago my friend told me about a nutrition and supplement program. I had just been diagnosed with osteoporosis, so I was looking for options instead of the medications as I already had stomach troubles and didn’t’ think the medication would be a good fit. Little did I know that by increasing my vitamins and minerals, drinking shakes and cleansing on this program, I would start to be able to move through the pain. I had more energy and as a bonus I was also getting slimmer.

After 6 months on the Isagenix supplements I was feeling the best I had felt in YEARS!  I was able to do more with my migraines, instead of just lying there I was able to sit up and be more active on the computer or around the house.  Still getting the migraines, but now I was even more able to manage them better.

A friend came by for supper and shared that she could only eat things that were Gluten Free.  I’d never heard of gluten before.  Sure enough I found out that the Isagenix supplements and food were all gluten free that I was using.  I’d also stopped craving pasta’s and breads.  So I just made an effort to go totally GF to see how I did with that.  I started doing even better.  I get the Isagenix products at wholesale so I can save, and I even have a few friends who are using it along side me.  It makes it more fun to share, and it also helps on the pocket book.  Tonja’s Isagenix Site.. Message me so I can help you get it at the best price if you are wanting to try it.  No pressure, at all.  I am so very very grateful that my friend Joyce shared it with me and has mentored me through it all, cheering me on and answering my questions, that I want to help others too.

Gosh, this is a long story for some of you I imagine.  I am wanting to share the entire story instead of just sharing the end, so that those who are going through similarities to what I’ve gone through will understand this process.  Feel free to skip along. =D

I was driving more.  Until Febuary 2008  when I was in another auto accident.  Which set me back a bit yet again.

Medication wise it was hard to find medications that I could take at home and control my pain that were strong enough to keep me out of the ER.

What I have found to be helpful:

Nutritionally Speaking:
They are mostly from direct sales companies.. I used but no longer use Limu Mui I think that is what it is called. It really did help me with a couple of issues, I debate trying it again for my eyes. 

I also used something else from a different company . I still use this on occasion I need to start using it regularly again, it helps me stay regular, and it keeps things moving better through my body along with helping to curb some of the pain I have etc.. It is a sugar, but not a sugar. (I had named this product and company but they suggested that I keep them a secret)

I also use magnesium and vitamin D from a compounding pharmacy, they order in the powder versions so it is just a straight dose of vitamin no fillers, this works better for me. You’ll need prescriptions for this. 

Genetic Testing: does this, while they no longer give you the results of your encrypted medical information, they are still able to give you the raw data, and then you can take this information to a different program and have it translated. I am currently doing this.

The majority of my supplementation comes from Isagenix I do the shakes, cleanse, and basic system stuff along with vitamins, if I stop I end up sick and back in bed with much more pain. So I continue and try to enhance. 

The last thing I am doing is following Maria Emmerich’s advise, paleo mostly, she also does eating plans etc, but I haven’t invested in that I am just getting her books and going off of those.

These are things I have been doing over the last 15 years, I have been soda and dairy free, and avoid microwaved food… now I am gluten, Lactose, sugar, and grain/carb free or as much as I can be. Gluten free for sure.

I don’t know if these things can help you or not. But the genetic testing may give you some insight as to which directions to go. 

I found out that I have a double mutated gene MTHFR677T and that results in my being Ehlers Danlos, Gluten Intollerant, Osteoperosis (which I no longer) and has prevented my healing as a “normal” person would.. I am doing the 23andMe now.. and will be working with my doctors to stay on the correct track.

I do provide my doctors information, as my needs are in no way general, and I do more research on them than they have time to do.  We have created a mutually beneficial relationship where we both share ideas and figure out the next step.

Medication Wise Currently:

When I do get migraines I take a combination of these medications.  Depending on how I feel depends on the mix.

I try to alternate between Relpax one day and Sumavel DosePro the next.   Many times this may not work if I have taken it to late.

Also I add to the mix Flexeril.  Which is a muscle relaxer.

I also take a pain reliever called Nucynta at the same time.

And the optional item is Promethazine for nausea.

Lately I have added in a Nebulizer with Albuteral my allergies do play a part in the migraines as well.

Many times I will need to do these combinations two times in a 24 hour period.  This has managed to keep me out of the ER for my migraines, and I am able to manage things better from home.   I ice my neck and head regularly to also help with the swelling which helps.

The other great thing is that they have lessened in their severity from the beginning.  If I stop the nutrition, I am back in bed and the pain is all worse.

I now have my new Service Dog Duke to help me out with things, like grabbing items off of the floor, and helping me to walk.  I do drive some but it is rare, and I am always cautious about what I do.

I’ll be sharing more about Duke soon.  I’ve been so busy with my photography this holiday season that I have been playing catch up!

I am writing this post due to some people wanting to know what works for me.   These ideas may or may not be good for you.  So check with your doctor especially regarding the medications.  If you live in a state where cannabis is legal with a prescription this may also be another option for you.  The cannabis oil seems to be helping a great deal of people.

If I lived in one of those states, I would likely be giving that a try as the side effects and the dangers of the medication cocktail’s that I take are not the best especially long term.  I try to be very frugal with taking them, but err on the side of avoiding the ER and keeping myself as active as possible.

Even if that means just sitting in a chair and reading Facebook, which is better than lying in bed mediated and miserable.

You are welcome to ask me on Facebook, Email Me, or Leave Me a message if you have constructive thoughts, questions, or ideas.   If you are wanting to make dietary changes I am in a great Facebook group, that you can be a part of.

The latest effort has been more dietary changes, and that is working out well so far!  Time will tell.  I’ve only been at the non sugar, low to no carbs for about a week.  I was prompted to speed up my switch of this to a HORRIBLE Stomach Burning and Stabbing.  To avoid the ER I created a natural plan based on my research online.  The follow up for me was to jump on board for the additional eating system.


Tonja & Duke

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