PaRt TwO: What do you occupy your mind, your hands, and your time doing outside of dealing with your disability, illness, condition, or situation?

I try to keep as busy with things as possible.  I always seem to have more than I can get done at my fingertips.

I realize that I do things slower than I used to.  Some days I don’t get much done at all, but it isn’t for lack of effort on my part.  Things sometimes just won’t work.   But when they do, watch out!  I am like a steam roller madly dashing to tackle each task.  This girl needs to have her brain busy or she will go CRAzY!  =D

Photography:  The last few years taking pictures has become my lifeline.  On the coat tails of my husband, I have picked up the camera once again.  It began when he left the camera at home when he would be at work.  I’d been feeding birds out my window, and I started clicking the shutter at them.

It was hard for me to get out of bed then.  I could barely hold the camera, and if I did for to long I would be in severe pain.

I wasn’t to be deterred.  The birds were cute!

Basically I would just hold the button down on our DSLR and it would start firing away like a machine gun except with better results.  One of every 100 pictures or so turned out alright.  But it was enough to keep me going.

Jason at this point had been bringing back pictures on the mornings he was off work.  While I was still asleep he needed something to do so he himself did not go crazy.  So he began treks around the country side, taking pictures of this and that.  He would come home to share his adventures with me through the pictures he took.

Then he wanted them edited…. Oh boy.  Did I have a learning curve.  I had shot pictures for my Mary Kay business I also edited them and made newsletters and ran a website.  But my brain hadn’t been functioning on that level for quite a while.  The changes in Microsoft Office alone were staggering let alone the photo editing and picture taking world.

I had a lot to learn.

So… I began plugging away looking for ways to teach myself… You see this was just after I had tried to get help from Vocational Rehabilitation and the lady wouldn’t even open a case on me because she said I was to disabled to help.  AND BOY OH BOY did that PISS ME OFF!

Don’t tell me I am too WHATEVER…. and that I CAN’T DO SOMETHING!

I tried this and I tried that…. finally I figured out that on my own I can’t do something else.  BUT if I can do something WITH someone else I would be a success!

Jason takes pictures, I like taking pictures, Jason needs someone to edit his pictures and come up with creative ideas….. Well golly, that’d be me!  I have loads of ideas!

I have so many ideas and goals, I have to keep my mouth shut, for fear that Jason would run away screaming if he knew the plans that I had.

=)   Yes I can be overwhelming.

I found out from another spoonie about an online training center called CREATIVELIVE I was soon enrolled in their classes soaking up every detail I could.  (Medicated out of my mind on pain medication)  It took me a while but I learned.

I have a lot more posts about CREATIVELIVE and when I get a chance I plan on resorting and labeling all of my posts, I think they are a MESS!  Ha!

At any rate, that has all lead me to where I am at today.  I take pictures a few hours a month and we are developing a little client base of fabulous people!  We also have our ART in a Gallery!  YIPEE!!  We’ve even sold a few pieces!

Want to see what we do?

Well I am going to stop teasing you.   Head on over to:  Images by Jason & Tonja if you are so inclined tell me what you think either here or there is fine.

I hope you are finding a passion for something in your life!  Photography has been a way for me to feel independent again and to give something meaningful back to others.  Sorry that we can’t afford to do it for free for everyone as we gladly would if we could.

We are just trying to keep our heads above water and have it pay for itself so we can keep doing it!  Of course my ultimate goal is to get myself in a position where I can support our family!  But let’s not talk about that now.

I am happy to share my passion with you and hope that you have a passion in your life as well.

Gentle Hugs,

Pink Doberman

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