PFAM- Blog Carnival Patients for a Moment

I have really enjoyed this carnival over the years. I don’t recall the first time I began reading the submissions. Until I found this carnival and connected with other Spoonies I felt isolated.    Patients For A Moment… More can be found here!

Finding others to read about and to contribute to was really a life line for me. Some of the things the other bloggers were going through I had been through was going through or I would find myself going through in the future.

This carnival and the other Spoonies whom I follow, have been a real source of inspiration, hope, and understanding. Educating non Spoonies about folks with illnesses/disabilities has also been easier as it is difficult to understand what someone they know may be going through. But by reading submissions like these people with out these difficulties can find an insight into the lives of those who are suffering.

Not everyone is able to or willing to write, share, or communicate about their journey. These great folks are and I am thrilled to share their voice with you!

First up we have Jamie, her blog is called Chronic Migraine Warrior The title of her post is Finding Strength & Preoccupation ,  Jamie writes about how she finds strength and nourishment for her soul through her faith and family. She finds herself having trouble preoccupying herself with things other than her chronic pain; but she enjoys spending time with her family; and reading and writing, when she’s able.


Our next Blogger’s name is Kat and her blog is called Join The Club.  The title of her post is Fake It Till I Make It where she  explores ways in which she keeps her mind off of her asthma/allergies. She also talks about my support systems who help keep her at peace with life as a person living with a chronic illness. She says, “In general I try to ignore it and live life so that from the outside it looks like I’m not sick. Keeping busy with quiet activities is my go to method of dealing with the sick days of life.”


My blog post I wrote in two parts.  I haven’t been posting much lately due to a huge focus on learning new things and it being summer I can actually leave the house with out fear of slipping on ice!  =D

Part ONE: Outside of your disability, illness, condition, or situation, what do you focus on, where do you find the strength to keep going and nourish your soul? (The beginning of this post is a bit depressing, so skip to the middle for a much happier section)

Part TWO:  What do you occupy your mind, your hands, and your time doing outside of dealing with your disability, illness, condition, or situation?    BY THE WAY I FINALLY SHARE WHERE YOU CAN SEE OUR PHOTOGRAPHY!  =D

If folks still feel like submitting, just drop me a line with your info and I will add the posts in!

I am not sure where the next carnival will be.  But when I find out I will post that here as well.  Leslie our carnival leader could use some well wishes and prayers today as she has a test.  Hugs to you GF!!  Wishing you all the best!

Thanks so much for popping in, and enjoy the carnival!

Gentle Hugs,

Pink Doberman

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