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I had pretty much stopped looking, I mean how many roads lead to more answers?  I guess I have some amazing friends who pay attention to what I have shared both online as well as in person.  If it was up to the standard doctor to figure out why I never really healed right from the car accidents..  I hate to think what would have become of me.

I am not upset at the medical system, I mean the people in it are doing their best.  Time and money constraints, an archaic system that is highly influenced by outside sources such as drug companies, universities, and anyone else who happens to stick their hand in the pot.  Medical professionals can not be expected to know it all.  If you fall outside of the bounds of regular care, you need to advocate and research for yourself.

The best research for things tends to be in Europe.  Many studies and research results are happening there..  If you have a local medical university that is funded by the state, you are likely able to access materials from their library.  I do here in Nebraska.  McGoogan Library is great at enhancing the information found online and from my doctor.  I have a fantastic doctor who is totally on board with the care I need and is always thinking of ways to help get me healthier.. yes, I did say healthier..  ;P  While not afraid of medications, she believes in finding out the causes and then doing all you can to prevent more and reverse what you can.

We’ve already succeed I am thrilled to report on my Osteoporosis!  The last scan revealed that I was no longer in the danger area!  Of course I still am maintaining the nutrition that took me to this point.  Gratefully!  It is nice to know my bones are not going to all of a sudden crumble..

So the auto accident as suggested by my friend Gwen something that was already in my thoughts.  If these accidents hadn’t happened I would have never gotten to this point.  By now I have discovered many things that are not unique just to me.. but are things that run in my family.. in our genes.

I have received confirmation that another gene abnormality as suggested by another friend.. this time Lisa.. who also has this running through her family, and mentioned that I should be tested.  As usual, I looked up the information and decided this may be something good to know.  (Not that I am constantly out there looking for what is wrong with me.. I am not!)

I realized I had a TBI shortly after the accident, but it wasn’t the traditional kind and it took a very special doctor to figure it out and treat it.  Thanks Dr. Nedrow!

My friend Roseanne, is Celiac..  you may recall that I pretty much went gluten free before I figured this out while on my IsaShake and IsaCleansing plan..

My friend Joyce, is who shared about Isagenix with me.. she mentioned I could loose weight, I appreciated her thoughts for my appearance..  however I was looking for solid nutritional supplements.. she delighted in telling me about the stellar nutritional benefits of Isagenix.  So I began… thus began my journey of eating Gluten Free..  If you want to know more please message me.

I had already been soda free for about a decade.. I was primarily lactose free for nearly as long..  These things I had already figured out prior to any of the auto accidents.. I was trying to control my IBS.. none of the things the regular doctors suggested worked.  They all made me more miserable.  I had never even heard of gluten.  Even though I practically grew up in a wheat field..

Before Rosanne mentioned Celiac and Gluten Free to me.  My friend Ruth had mentioned that a friend of hers had this thing called Ehlers Danlos, and she thought I might have it too..  sure enough I read more about it, consulted with my special doctor who sent me on to a geneticist who confirmed my suspicions..  I don’t have the worst case of it in the world, just bad enough to cause problems..  Basically it means I have a collagen disorder and my joints have extra wiggle room and can dislocate.

Well my mother had breast cancer, and then pancreatic cancer, she isn’t here with us any longer.  My aunt had ALS and isn’t with us any longer either, a cousin died early of heart issues, my grandmother had at least one stroke probably more, my other grandparents had heart issues, and the list goes on.  I also had two grandmothers who had breast cancer later in life..

I never thought much more about these things, no one would think that all of these things could be connected.  I mean a connective tissue disorder, ALS, Celiac, Cancer, heart issues, and the list goes on..  well it appears now that they are all connected.

Thanks to my friend Lisa, I have answers.  My fantastic doctor was more than happy to run the tests in fact I came in there with a list of things for her to check, ( I found this list from one of the speakers on CreativeLIVE)  I added to it what my friend suggested, and I had a special interest in getting my Magnesium checked as well.. the research I had been doing suggested this could be another area of needed nutrition.  I am already taking copious amounts of Vitamin D.. in addition all of the other suggested values of vitamins and minerals including Magnesium.  But I wondered if I may need extra of it as is common with others who have absorption issues..  It turns out that I do.  I get to talk to my pharmacy tomorrow to come up with a plan. I don’t take the over the kind type.. they usually are great about special ordering things in that don’t contain all of the fillers..

So Lisa told me about MTHFR or methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, I know.. what a mouthful, we’ll refer to it as MTHFR from now on.  There are several different types of this the most common one’s I was tested for I came back positive for both my mother’s side being affected as well as being effected by my father’s side.  It’s all in the genes’ remember.  My parents carried this and I got it from both.

What this means is that I was now tasked with the lovely personal obligation to share this information with my family.  I know that others in my family have this connection, I can see some of the same things in them.. I am not talking about just my immediate but further on out..   Lets just say I think that this gene mutation runs rampant.  Of course this is my opinion as others have not yet been tested.  They can or not, I am sharing the information and if they are concerned or wanting to know they at least know about it.

Additionally I see the similarities in a few others that I know who are not at all related.  Just by them sharing their stories and what is going on with them and their families.. so I’ll be spreading the word further.

I guess that is the main reason why I am sharing all of this information.  If you know of someone, or you yourself may be having issues.. it at least gives you another direction to look.  I’ll warn you though, most traditionally trained medical professionals won’t know what you are talking about let alone know what to do about it.

Look for a doctor who is affiliated with the  which is the American Association for Advanced Aging, as well as someone associated with the traditional  This way you can blend the best of both worlds.  But at any rate..

The lab test that I had done was from Health Diagnostic Laboratory out of Virginia  The cool part about this and I have yet to get any sort of billing back from them, but I was told that what ever my insurance didn’t cover that I wouldn’t be billed for anything extra.  And they also tested my hormone levels in this same test.. I am going to be adjusting some of that business as well.

My doctor also did an extra screening panel of blood work as well, some to compare with previous results and some new.  If you want the entire list of what I had checked just message me.

My Lipoprotein Particles and Apolipoproteins also came back high risk.. well some of them did.. (These are things that have to do with your cholesterol levels, and are typically not checked by traditional doctors in regular patients, who have not experienced some sort of problem.. this is what I have been told at least.)

Jason was a dear and got all of his stuff checked too!  We both got news, but I won’t be sharing his stuff as this isn’t about him.

So what is MTHFR.. well the nutshell version is here:

However it is more complicated than that and depending on which version you have the risks vary as well does the protocol.  However some things are the same..  Avoid Gluten, Avoid Dairy and make sure to cleanse.. most types don’t do well with the synthetic form of Folic Acid, and some types need different versions in various amounts.. eat lots of leafy greens, beets and other veggies with folate.. and make sure you are taking and checking your other vitamin levels especially B’s and D and things like that.. basically all of the things that I take lots of already…

There is more detailed information available and those protocols vary with the different gene types you have and their combinations.  That being said, I am already on the right track thankfully.  Environment and Nutrition, Stress and other factors all play an important role.  I hope that I am changing things soon enough to give me an even better quality of life here in the future.  At least not to have a worse quality of life, or that would be my personal goal.

Here is a link to another person who blogs about this:

Hope this makes sense.  My plan is to start blogging more again.  However I am not a very good multitasker these days.  I have been working so hard at perfecting my photography business.  I still am really, I feel like all I do is work at learning more and work at getting my systems set up so it will run like a well oiled machine for those who I am blessed enough to work with.

It gives me something to do to keep my mind off of all of this and I get to focus on making other people happy and enriching their lives by creating lasting memories and images that will be treasured by their kids and grand kids.

Besides, there is always that great feeling when you get to show someone how amazing that they look when they have great lighting and have been posed in a flattering way.  Many of my clients come out looking like movie stars, which is pretty darn cool..  at least I think so.

People have such a funny perception of how they look.. if I can give them some frozen moments so they will know that they too are forever beautiful, and they hold their head a little higher and feel a little better about how beautiful they truly are.  Then that is a great day!

So I am glad I know about the MTHFR.  While I am not glad that I have it at least with some tweaks in my daily routine and my diet I can get on a better track.  I can make the positive changes instead of reacting to the negative changes that appear to be more inevitable.  I will also know where things come from and that they just aren’t out of the blue.  It explains why my mom is also no longer here.

Thanks Gwen, Joyce, Ruth, Roseanne, and Lisa!  Also a huge thanks to my P.A. (doctor) Lynn, Dr. Nedrow, Dr. Gold, and Dr. Buehler!  And Luka.. who now has a sister her name is Hazel and she is a Dane.  We’ve had her for a while I’ll talk more about her later.

Most of all thanks to Jason who is still right by my side and the love of my life!  He is my glue!

Oh and congratulations to you if you made it this far!  Extra bonus points if you clicked on the links and checked this other stuff out.  I have about 40 other tabs open on my browser right now dealing with MTHFR I won’t bore you with them, but I am learning all I can!

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