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The day may have started off slowly, but it had taken off with a magnificent time spent with family.  My energy was holding, we took of for an afternoon adventure to the cousin’s house.  The sun was still out and the wind blew as he drove us toward the city.  My eyes fell shut as usual on our journey, waking just in time to see the new shops and eateries that have sprouted since I had been on this side of town.  It is always something exciting to see sprouting businesses.  We rolled into one of the more established ones in the area for a bit of dry wall.  It would seem as if our own selection of drywall at home is insufficient.  Who knew there were so many choices in depth.  We have two choices already but a third is required for the latest project.

Our local hardware store is a dream of course.  Any small town that is fortunate enough to have a hardware store in their midst is truly lucky.  It means less trips into the cities when ever some small item is needed.  They carry most things, however, drywall is not one of them.  We can order it in of course but since we were traveling through, and all of the large stores never seem to close, we took advantage of the access.  Jason was dressed up of course, not much just a nice powder blue button down with short sleeves and a few puckers in the fabric, the day was so nice his knees shown out from under his tan pants.  The store associate took him for an unskilled man and attempted to give him the pitch and educate him about drywall.  J was amused he later told me, as I was waiting in the car.  Of course J being in a hurry ended his speech, and asked to be pointed in the proper direction for the drywall section.

Life is funny.  I always have a good laugh when J comes back with his stories.  They may be small adventures, and slight moments, but some stick out in my mind and make me smile. We now had the proper depth of drywall in our car, he brought two pieces out.  We were golden.  Off to the cousins now, it was nearly a straight shot and just beyond a park.  We arrived as everyone else was arriving, food in hand we each congregated in the kitchen, to settle our treasures.  Again we brought the pizza, we had taken it from aunt G’s freezer I thought I should possibly eat it and not take any more risks.. but here I was, delving into another pile of meat, more of the chips, and this time a pile of fruit my cousin’s gorgeous wife had brought.  She thought ahead and included plain fruit for me while bringing a fruit salad coated in something for everyone else.

I trusted the fruit, and read the label for the meat.  It appeared to be safe.  Frozen wine slush was being handed out, this time I went with the wine.  It seemed the right thing to do, before the night was over I’d have two glasses of  slushed wine.   We settled around the couches chatting a bit before the prayer.  I was fortunate to have gotten my glass of water and wine slush when I dropped off my chips and put out some carrots all I needed to do was choose my plate and add the meat, fruit, and chips.

My pizza stayed in the freezer.  The beauty of life is living it.  Today was one of those days.  Everyone sat with their plates, we chatted about current events, a visit from an aunt and more cousins in the summer, talked about MTHFR.. of course since some of them were now just learning about it, the past rose up in conversations as well.  Unknown items not necessarily pleasant but none the less prevalent to life  here in the present.

It seemed I spoke a blue streak to cousin V and his lovely wife.  I was glad to sit and have a conversation I was able to answer some questions, and answers to other questions of mine started coming from my mouth.  The reading I had done and struggled with was coming out of my mouth in perfect sentences and making sense to me, I don’t know if it did to them.  It is all pretty overwhelming.

Nothing is simple.  But connection can be.  I am connected to very amazing people.  The salt of the earth you might say.  It is a nice feeling, to know where you fit just like a puzzle piece snapped into place.

As others left, we remained, cousin T and her husband are fun to chat with, we often find ourselves hanging out after the night has ended for the others.

The second glass of slushy wine finally disappeared.  We grabbed our things and headed home to soak Hazel and Luka’s food.


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