ThEsE DaYs..

Welcome to my new website.  What do you think?  I’ve been learning lots of great things over the past three years.   It is great to have a place to express how I feel.  The next best thing is being able to share some creativity with you as well.


What is this going to mean?  I am not sure.  I do know that I plan to share some more images..  Not the professional kind but the personal kind on this new Pink Doberman site.


I also plan to keep writing about how I am doing both physically and emotionally.  I also want to transition a bit to talk about things that I have found to be helpful to me.  People that I have found to be helpful to me, the struggles that I face, as well as how I plan to over come those things.

I am planning to continue writing to get these things out of my head so I will be free to focus on other things, but also with the hopes of helping someone else get through some difficult things in their life as well.    As in the past this will not be a place with perfectly formed thoughts, completely proper grammar and spelling… however I will try to do a little double checking.

As I am doing right now most of the time that I write I have taken pain medication.  I am currently trying to kick a migraine I have had since the middle of last night.  While it has improved through the day, I am sure I will be waking up with it in the morning again at this point.

I have also been having a harder time thinking lately as well.  This post I guess will be jumping from subject to subject… sorry about that, my mind is having ADHD..  The thinking part well when I don’t have a migraine I am still slower than I was but with it… things become very difficult to do.  Processing the hows of an activity or an idea become more difficult to follow through with and finish.  Not impossible, but slow and tiring for me.

But I push myself through.  I have things I need/want to get done.  I’ve got a to do list that has lots of things that I find difficult to accomplish on it.  Things dealing with paper, money and organization.  I’ve got some editing to do as well..


Along with all of this I have had some difficulties.  One of them is Do It NOW.  When I think of something or remember something I have got to deal with it in that moment.   Or I need to schedule it to be done at that moment.  I was doing so well with this for a while, then I got lax.  I had to postpone a meeting because I let other things come up instead of getting something that I had promised finished.  Then unfortunately to the same folks, I didn’t get them called when I couldn’t make the postponed appointment with them.

This is such a rude thing that I did.  I am so frustrated with myself.  I really hate making folks feel as if I do not value them.  Making them feel like my time has more value than theirs.   This has happened to me many times.  I really hate doing it to someone else.

There have been some other things, but not as detrimental.   It doesn’t matter that I have difficulties thinking etc.. I need to figure out ways to overcome these issues.  I just can not let my guard down.  I have to remain focused.


So starting on Monday I will be tackling the worst first.


So what has been going on with me… I will cover the highlights.

We had the opportunity to start taking pictures of more families, and teens!  We’ve got more booked as well!

Studying, Researching, and Practicing my photography.  I don’t think that this will ever end.

The clutch went out on Jason’s Jeep.  It is now fixed, but we can’t seem to catch a break in the money department.

My phone has been acting up it finally croaked today and I got a replacement phone.  Thank goodness I have insurance on it.  I am not nice to my phones.  I am constantly dropping them.

Luka is now taking pain medications.  He has arthritis.  The pain pills are helping him.

I’ve been doing pretty darn good!  I still have it rough, but summer is always better for my body.

We’ve been traveling less.  Had planned to go on a camping trip or two around the area.  But finances, appointments, and Jason picking up extra classes… maybe next summer.  =D

My court case regarding the accident that got me in this condition… well I will be writing a lengthy post about that soon.

Chair… my friend Gwen got me a pink electric recliner that lifts me up and lays me back.  This has gotten me out of bed!  So I am now in the living room typing on my computer now instead of sleeping and living in bed.  This is really nice!  Sad thing is that I am not getting to see my birds out my window.   We will be figuring this out.


Life is changing for everyone.  I am glad.  As tough as learning how to use a new phone is for me, I am excited for the challenge of it.  I don’t want to keep aging and refuse to keep up with technology.  I want to embrace change.  I want to adapt and over come.  If I can do this with the little things in my life, the big things when they happen I will be able to deal with in a more graceful way.

There is lots more to tell and to share.  But for now, I hope you are enjoying my new home.


Blessings and Dreams,

Pink Doberman


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